Thursday, December 22, 2011

Theon Physics and Partial Visions

Theon (literally God-like particle) Physics & Partial Visions
L. Edgar Otto 12-22-11
Toward the end of these pages (and I had thought about a different overview illustration but I could not photograph my hands both at once- open the church and see all the people and all that) I realized in our common pursuit of theoretical models that my number theory dream of floating planes was not so far from the ideas of Pitkanen as his floating planes- I make the point also that our one sided mathematics the quadratic conception of the plane may impede our conceiving of the others.

Our tendency to appeal to religious metaphysics as a metaphor- a god particle or external and highest force of nature- If that is our eventual goal and it is the destiny of some elect and chosen in the seas of infinite singularities that we work out the mechanism of the world and the destinations imagined- and I show this at least a possibility in the era of new speculations and doubts of our physics grounding- then such a Deity who sets in motion our unique projects and paths with the indulgence for some for a distance from such a dream- there is still a long way to go and more to be shown us than the miracle of existing in this uniformly miraculous universe. How else can it be done with our short breath of time that might at least give us mortals and non-scientists a poetic gimps of the bigger picture. May you dreamers not despair of your true visions for in the mix of all things your struggles are recorded so as to live in a sense concretely and unique in this miracle. Your life as special in the sea of humanity, in isolation or as part of us all, cannot be without significance and purpose that we all and the universe has not comforted you from your freely chosen labors- even if it seems from afar.

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