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Quantum and Quasic Distance Principles

Quantum and Quasic Distance Principles L. Edgar Otto 12-19-11

In that the laws of physics are sound, sooner or later we all arrive, discover, the same general theory...

I post further thoughts on these ideas looking back at moments that stand out so as to lead my interest into certain directions. I have been thinking a lot about others in my lifetime and the processes of creative discovery (forgive I missed the first part of the Packer's game yesterday so they are no longer Undefeated. I missed the two first field goals and eventually they lost by 5 points. I did have a feeling there would be a glitch there beforehand. But one is only as good as their opponents in the game of chess- especially if we go back to more primitive patterns and encounter injuries. So, this is a question of time and how we view it too.)

This is an interesting post today here which came up with Lubos also- and as a form of logic it seems to parallel some of the reasoning in these above posted photos of papers- again that between the philosophy's of objective and subjective interpretation. While on the topic of Lubos I posted this comment at here:


Thank you for this post- I came on today expecting to find it and not anything less from you.

I heard those broadcasts at the time too before the Brezhnev doctrine kicked in- and for awhile the only news that fit the facts East and West came from a breath of fresh air from Czechoslovakia.

So it is that sometimes the playwright does humanity a service by writing the bad guys out of the play... if we all don't write ourselves out first and live long enough to make a difference.

The PeSla

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Quite besides any subjective mandate or sense of destiny or special abilities I find
it objectively significant that around the time of Einstein's death to my first month in the tenth grade to events stand out as visionary- and these relate to the inverse square law and the idea of a unitary field theory. The first was finding an old dusty book on electronics from my dad's random collection that, even the formulas still above my head for he most part showed the parallels to gravity and electrostatic and magnetic inverse square laws. And in the high school lunch room with the Lions Sleep Tonight and the din of talking, and the passing by of the little red head gal that always smiled but I could hardly talk to her when she came into the ice cream parlor I worked in on the weekends, I turned the concept inside out and found a four dimensional chessboard so as to organize such space. Before that my nerdy friends playing chess said we could make such a game by a series of chess boards that would allow moves across time- a philosophic concept really. I would have the dates more accurately and perhaps they still exist in early writings but at the time I did not realize these as very significant influences along the way.

But I cannot forget- sitting in glorious nature by the little ditch in the tidewaters as the afternoon slowly dimmed my reading and the desire to run free rather than the discipline of staying inside until I understood my father's book.

Just as there are more general concepts of configuration and uniqueness as to what we are, what patterns of atoms may repeat, what of all souls are one with some vague idea of parallel selves of infinite copies or that we are all one or not- or all of these too can be seen vaguely as partial or total multiverse copies and so on... These ideas in vogue today need a further generalization to make concrete sense of where among us, or the many one of us, we skirt the fluidity of time and its arrow that we resolve the paradox of identities by somewhere being the original so to internalize the knowledge of ourselves and the representations of thought and the universe- at least so far.

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So, being the holidays (and without the time to post the ideas in text) the grueling creative process is on vacation so I have more thoughts on our human drama between us all- that and what some sort of history and rituals touch between us.

Of Gold Coins, Bells, and Myths of Giving L. Edgar Otto

In these hard economic times I find it hard to leave tips for those who appreciate and do not expect them as part of the pay, a bourgeois, middle class tradition but for me the lending a hand and the hanging on of hope for change and the future.

All across the country we find acts of giving of gold coins into the Salvation Army pots of bell ringers over the holiday season. There is a shortage of such ringers as the economic times requires the would be volunteers must work more or cannot afford the time. Yet these anonymous acts of giving stand out- as if we can on some level afford the squandering of capital for what ultimately is not of real value more than that of the people and the spirit of the holidays.

Now, as I understand it, told to me, perhaps a myth of my childhood, my uncle Leonard, I his namesake, put a gold piece in the bank for each of his brothers children, sometime in the 20's in Miami Fla I think.

I, who cannot exchange gifts this year, really cannot afford many things anyway, thought about those who sell plots of land on the moon, or better the stars that they name of those near us in the sky. A star is a good symbolic thing to give in my opinion... for as the sign there for I am not sure why in my son's new relatives yard- reading: Those who plant a garden have faith in the future well, what is a gold coin but such a seed? No matter the star we are named after may have spent its light long ago or gone nova or vanished in the churning mix of space and time. In the end such symbols are that which most endures in our world of all such symbols that sustain nostalgia and meaning, and myths.

So, for a Christmas gift this year I transfer my gold coin to my first grandchild and those who may come later for all my children. Not so much that they are my seed and namesake- but that I see in them such a fine future and constellation.

(See illustration here:)

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