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Uniqueness and the Congruence Problem

Uniqueness and the Congruence Problem L. Edgar Otto Dec. 28, 2011

Drawing on the Cave Wall for the First Time Again

Consciousness is at least the connection between isolated and unique paths, beyond some boundaries, beyond the necessity or sufficiency of substance as a ground, across what seems hidden to the mathematics and structure of the highest concept of the whole.

It is a small step to imagine that the unity of the world, its vastly complex intelligent and intelligible design that from some Creative Source that any life or mind is far from such a God in the modulus of their unique existence.

Lesser visions, while grounded in any bounds, can only ambiguously claim absolute uniqueness as the theory of the whole. The world cannot be just the immortal heartbeats or the organic bag that would have stem cells self organize. Yet even in the petrie dish separate hearts synchronize their beat. A state, artificial or not where the bounds are that of wrought glass and controlled conditions, will aim for false mergers or totalities reasonable and intelligible at some time.

We cannot have a world where our touch of the source is unlimited to the design and ultimate bounds. No state that feeling the source desires to be Orthodox in its monothism and traditions of rules can endure. No state be it the fundamentalism of the Christian West or the Islamic Middle East can sustain hegemony over the egg case of philosophies of design and the shell of this earth. Nor can the denial of a Creator. Nor the acceptance of all inputs of enquiry as in the Eastern, yet still imperfect and debated philosophies.

It remains unclear to me if there is an ultimate hand intervening or guiding our destinies as a possibility of the problem of unique existing or direction to some vague purpose in the world. Yet we know that all can ponder the design and the source whatever their station of sentience and whatever their resources that connect to the material economics of their place and time - also the respect for other creatures that raises the idea or the sensing of the good idea of respect for life in general.

At the humbling state of my slumber and new awakening, and more modest understanding that begins to arise from my dreams again, I realize the solving of some of these theoretical problems of our time is the higher purpose of finding ourselves and the source and why of all things.

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Feeling a little more integrated in my cognition I quote from a link by Plato on this result commented on earlier by Pitkanen. It should be quite clear that while this is an interesting result in terms of the Triality (See Kea's research, Updates like 127 and in general) of the 9 of spatial dimensions and the source or origin that suggests a 3D expansion thus inflation models- this a link between super-string and supercomputers (that is hardly human elementary when humans obviously have intuited and imagined the patterns long ago).
That this is a small part of the theories I refer and write about from the existing mathematics, and then only if it acknowledges the quasic matrix idea- that btw exceeds the concerns of complex numbers of some teleology of the Omnium- so it is a great experiment but less than complete theory, GUT or UFT-wise. Then again, the issue here (short of an assertion that it is reasonable to assume a Creator with Intelligent Design in the hard sense as philosophy) is after all what it means ultimately to do theoretical physics...and how worthwhile it is to spend our lives and have so many work so long in the same issues once set into motion and usual orignating by some individual and imperfect mortal human. Perhaps it is obvious that three people who give their names to a theory develop one of nine dimensions.

"IKKT matrix model

A new formulation of superstring theory was proposed by Ishibashi, Kawai, Kitazawa and Tsuchiya in 1996. (IKKT represents the initials of the authors.) The conventional formulation of superstring theory is valid only when the interaction between strings is weak, so it is not suitable for application to real physical phenomena. The IKKT matrix model, which uses large matrices to represent the fundamental dynamical degrees of freedom, has been formulated in a way that is also valid when the interaction between strings is strong."

Earlier investigations were restricted to the analysis of the model that treats time as an imaginary variable for technical reasons, and the relationship to the real world was not clear from the results. In the present research, the technical difficulty of treating time as a real variable has been overcome, enabling for the first time the application of the model to cosmology by explicit calculations.

Are things set into motion along some path to save the Big Bang, Inflation, or the Minimal Superstring Theory? Or does the design and its complexity and path boundaries have the concepts fall into place that only imagine some sort of inverses or compliments as mirrors of which there is no reason to assume physical or rational connections?

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I found Lubos post of yesterday quite humorous (good thing a consultant for a sit come, the Big Bang, as a comedy has a sense of humor) for taking the title seriously I immediately came to his same conclusions- the 247 reptiles smuggled in by a Czech national, corresponds numerologically to the Maximum 248 symmetries of the monster group. Lubos counts the smuggler... But I went on to ask about the animals that died (or were caught) in flight- somehow in an 8D representation the 4 time-like dimensions of the 240 spheres close packed around a center one. :-)

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