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The N-colour Brane Theorem

The N-colour Brane Theorem L.Edgar Otto 12-17-11

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The Quantangled Quantum Cat 12-17-11

Writing again on the foundations, really of our popular or first perceptions (and of course misconceptions), our concepts like Fibonacci's bunny's needing time to grow before replication so in this entangled rest, learn, climb the steep learning curves of the mountaintops we are given so to plant our flags at the top of the world in expert journals at some frontier of formal theory and research in our minds adapting to very thin air with nowhere else to go but pointing and yes the ever present danger of freezing and falling. Heinz Pagels observed quantum physicists were drawn to mountaintops. He foresaw his own falling and published about it in his dreams before the fact of it.

Such dreams of falling, for Jung as archetype is the beginning of wisdom. The White Rabbit with its lag and sense of urgent time going down the rabbit hole to Wonderland. Or fallen angels, The waiting for and the coming down perhaps in cycles of the sons of perfect gods, and Buddhas reincarnated. Or for those surviving the fall in recovery so to bounce back from rock bottom or that place a little lower that the universe extracts and forgives, a second chance as mortal equations seek the balance and gravity as well know as the water seeks its own level.

Not prayers written on paper and spun on wheels, cast to uncertain wind but heights achieved by the mechanical vibrations self-looped in feedback at the limits or borders of their dihedral flapping.

So to ask if the quantum cat can be alive or dead at the same time may be as profound a question as much as a very simplistic question to imagine and ask. But how can we understand integration over all paths in a sea of infinity unto some concrete collapsed materialization - dead or living things efficiently transferring energy (of both the physical and poetic nature) and not integrate the many-worlds and many lives including those that came before and after him. Cut off the whiskers on one side and without doubt if he tries to move and not stumble he will go around in circles.

I prefer the Heisenberg formulation of quantum mechanics myself over those of Schrodinger and his visions of waves. But why make statements about what is real or not, save some metaphysical idea of the vacuum, without having been there? We do not have to choose and defend some view that can be but is not broken. Our day finds interest again with the emotional expediencies of life and death political decisions or what we formerly realized was religious conflicts in the research on one hand for the old wave formalism and its analogies (on the other hand?)to which the matrix side may be as much a paradox of excluding that which it feels and finds alive as science so to itself in appearance to the other side.

The unity of quantum physics at this intermediate level of physics evolving and learning before its problems are resolved, the intoxication of smoky letters and pill that change our scale of things, mushrooms and Alice running in place that her tears dry or flood as we all try to make sense or make things fit, find keys and catalysts to force into our chosen doors.

The unity, what is dead or alive or growing in rest, that we seek, is with us and equivalent to the unity of the design and structure of our minds.

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I did notice the posting of Lubos yesterday and today related to this topic (and I might say how he sees certain four values or eight values as if complex numbers written in more of a sterile (stingy) matrix way as the "reality of the reality" but I had much more on my mind in trying to tie up the strange ideas of the last few posts- and I wanted to write a something a little more readable than the title of this post on such "color" ideas. I included Adrian Durkee's and Erik Natti's art in the general illustration (but not quantum cat this time as the paint program on the other computer has Malware evidently) and my simple structures to which Erik festooned with the 5 Buddhist color flags (and his symbols I used from what he considered a rare painting he was not pleased with and may redo - that most likely the right of the artist while the creation -which I rearranged in the illustration to roughly read: The Integration of the Negative Results of the LHC is not congruent with the deep mirroring of Newtonian flux fractions of the initial s of the Diophantus variety of the balance of equations. And as I was walking past a house on the way to the coffee shop I took a photo of three small plastic snowmen (quarks?) by two spherical pumpkins (after all in a 5 fold reference frame the last two dimensions are negative) to make such an object that is the issue deep into the Higgs like concepts as such Triality so explored by Kea among others- note also the general thrust of the n-color post does not choose, even for complex number radial considerations uniquely, just the brilliant wave views on Riemann of the two gentleman's paper Kea posted. I remark also that by the use of the finite n in the n-color I use the term as a shorthand to the wide and living view of things we can imagine and do with more general concepts of space and more creatively. It is not only inevitable that a flurry of new speculations will arise and should be welcomed, but for some walking carefully thru the mazes and narrow gates to new physics- their work continues on solid and without distraction- this perhaps a measure of their deep commitment and true abilities. Let us note that in matters of creativity and honest assessment of their progress such measure will be looked back in retrospect as evidence theirs was the more certain path to breakthroughs.

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I cannot seem to find it in the comments on Kea's blog at the moment by:

Alejandro Rivero


"I mean, beyond the physical argument... has people (scientists) worried about to justify why the configuration space of Nature should compactify to 3+1?

In a previous thread, we found (we=marcus+me+orion+rest of readers if any) that gravitational coupling constant simplifies out of some equations only if the force law is inverse square.

This rings a bell: inverse square law is, arguably, consistent only with 3D space. Thus any "dimension-independent proof" of inverse square law should also justify us to compactify into 3D space. So, second question... any papers on this? "

But it is of this sort of thing the last few post I have gone on about... :-)

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Let me point out again the subtle different between the second physics (quantum theory) and the third (quasics) in relation to how we think of connected surfaces and separations in the general nature of space and its mirrors in relation to what may be at the same general coordinates or not relative to reference frames that also distinguish things from the first physics (Qlassical and relativistic) as to one idea of time or of time and an idea of duration and so on. I hope this was made clear in the third item in the photo of the paper N-color Theorem above- but it too takes a leap into a looking glass and this item can be independent of the first two on the paper- that is- in the most general sense of the question of mirrors- neutral.

Welcome to the great and creative and careful work of our bloggers such as Kea on the foundations that we persist. The Giants of old become the dwarfs and faeries, the rocks and hills on some Norse farm given names as well the cows- ahh a new land where we relax or reform the dietary laws or any laws- like the Settlement Cookbook for the Midwest that once was designed for young unmarried gals to reach the heart of men by cooking that all immigrant groups adapt to the great melting pot (Meanwhile on Feraca's show on public radio) the anthropologist research again such that in the eye witness of families of the time we might find again what is special about a recovery of our diversity again.) Nine candles made of corn and the German tradition and the Kosher pickles everywhere from Milwaukee- Well, happy Holidays to all no matter what sort of candles or tree you decorate- and peace my friends.

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