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Multiverse, Many-World, Monads

Multiverse, Many-World, Monads L. Edgar Otto December 4, 2011

What is left in our doubts to modify the indefinite focus or coordinates at some expanse of existent singularities that accepts all as a pure faith intelligibly given- and on which we fancy we can sculpt and modify on the our paper mache skulls the higher colors unique in the world, its perpetual flow, and only the real, as real as physicality or out sense of love that can possess us, or our sense of fear that is a wave guide for our effort, exhaustion's to being beaten down,so to paint with the pigments of our imaginations, figments of perceptions and our real dreams?

We cannot wage war in dogfights if we do not face our own profiles head on, not and become an ace, win. Of course in the simple models of which we can extract no more even if it is everything and beyond to understand and hold- on the way, surfing on the waves as comes the spinning storm and tidal surges, sometimes betrayed within from the tsunamis, of course the many sheeted worlds forge our two edge swords with the finest of Swedish steel- far from the age, the rusting age in our dreams, of Iron. Or we cannot train through years our doctors of our eyes- for that time and that lack of sleep only makes for a little while with hope in the game- therefore be the slaves to change the radius of vision measured differently by the purples and the red, so too our protons, as we fall into the depths of greed for the green. Perhaps the idiot who said God designed our eyes was as much right as those who claim it takes decades to understand, a zen lifetime, even if their pretensions for their unique world and sterile gods contain them in a cave of being better than their fellows and honing their model in priestly tongues the masses cannot read any more than the hidden rituals of the shamans, snake oil or not, for in the learning and the applying all things to their tribe alone they must return to better visions and the monad of simplicity that gives no time to erect such explanations and puzzles solved- and thus preventing the greater purpose and unfolding of science and to that extent the realization of the God beyond our imperfections.

That said, and evil in the world for all practical purposes is no illusion- and the propaganda of the mentally ill cannot expect the world to indulged their rights and expectations or worse the sound of mind fails to understand themselves and the world yet speak as if they have the right to do so without understanding- evil should be dealt with, zero tolerance if indeed it is truly evil as all things that damage the heart and mind. Permit evil is to permit the imprisoning of our common sense. We praise those who would sacrifice for us their lives, and then as the cats that forever have eaten the canary, we sacrifice them. But did they pay willingly? and once Paid do we not owe them our word and faith, these veterans who it is said all need shrink work to cure their delayed stress while we should hire them as they are capable of handling very stressful work in the battlefield and are experts. But each new generation does not recall the same programs since ancient Greece were bogus. It is not the ideal so apprehended, nor the details of the adjustment by the rules of law to some body of evolving theory- we as sentient outside the monads and as the monads, to be a good theorist we must travel that great and hidden space and time between these extremes of our cognition's and perceptions. But such a space is a doorway more than a ground or summation of all that exists over the one and many realities in space and time of the monads. So still there is science to be had and philosophy that may make a difference (perhaps why in the end if we dare to think about it without false fear even if everything were known there would be still mystery in existence so life and science will not lose its romantic charm, that I assert there is still more which some have not even physically evolved to see and more btw than just my quasic and omnic spaces)- if we can harness our own eternal creative forces beyond our corpuscles, waves, and minds.

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Place of confused entanglement (in sci mags) ... this level of the phenomena is what I speak of on a deeper level of my posts of today and yesterday. For if we strive for a partially unique theory at the cost of the general, socially we entangle things to the point there is great pinching and struggle between what is a social and not an objective scientific corresponding to our subjective monad. But this link is not a very clear or deep explanation of the posted themes.

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What if the Higgs 125 (and link to Motil on entanglement) themes of my last two posts.

The PeSla (L. Edgar Otto) says:
December 4, 2011 at 7:04 pm

What this would tell us, around that value of 124, 125, 128 is that we have indeed seen the frontier of supersymmetry theory and it is not as simple as the string formulation. But these charts are neat and their explanations. Not bad for progress in engineering and experiment but why so slow and uncertain in theory?

Why indeed has there not been a cosmic catastrophe as mentioned in the initial post here and overview? This is a very insightful question which also speaks of more understanding of the concept of symmetry involved than apparently our maths offered. For I can imagine principles that modify things and keeps the balance on all scales. The Higgs idea, and say its deep idea of relations to the number of such “particles” is useful in pointing out a higher form of space and physics- and applies elsewhere beyond our simple ideas of lower dimensions and lower energy and masses.

The PeSla

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Informal (scientific?) Comments to Steven on Matti's Blogspot here:

and later:

On the other hand, Steven, I just cannot believe like some of my fundamentalist friends that evil things come out of their television screens. The relation to "schizophrenia" is a most interesting question but in what sense is "talking to them" not a form of intuition or forecasting. I mean by old standards people that imagined transmissions or television were considered pretty far out there.

So does the collective mind modify things in non-trivial ways?

But let me get back to Matti's topic and these ideas of such plasma. I can watch it in my mind I imagine- even if it is not clear that gluons make sense in the model as particles. But this distinction Fermi and Bose is secondary to the distinction Matti is making here. But the 4D and 10D distinction, Matti, does not matter in your wider hyperbolic wormhole world- to this vision it is the lesser theorists that are behind the times and schizoid.

But I will study more the details of this.

The PeSla

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