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Physics around the Omnic Mirror

Physics around the Omnic Mirror L. Edgar Otto December 7, 2011

With nothing much new to say I thought I would post a summary of the evolving concepts. Yes, I have used my own terms from elsewhere and introduce another one for clarity, "Omnic Mirror" which addresses these issues in the more general Omnium space (a term for a more comprensive view Penrose also chose from the classical roots.)

Now I agree to a point with Lubos and his guest post today. That one has to use some amount of jargon to convey methods and new ideas. This post, also a summary in different terms- for like in the last post before it very much depends on the ability of formuli to concisely work and contain a lot of meaning- itself is an example of the extent of jargon that we can erect as theory to a great complexity (my last point of this page) while ignoring the obvious philosophical problems or even asking if at ground there is more in the way of metaphysics, epistemology, and especially the logic of it all.

But I could be biased myself (perhaps some ultimate mirror is that from some view it seems that we all may not exist or may as well as never existed- but that mirror is beyond the physical as we try to reduce things into a primary physics). If so much is depending on compaticification of which I do not hold as a primary physics concept... well, that among other things I would have concerns with as to how things are done today and the implications of such work as some dare to speculate with self-promoting and soul searching or the confusion of the two to the point where we cannot determine the worth of other elaborate systems. But, I can quite imagine the trauma of even the hint that some of these humans could be wrong or at least have to share the descriptions. This is not to make a negative evaluation of their obvious capacities of intellect.

What is the appeal, in the main paper's argument, for a tan anything when it can be seen to involve something like discrete positive and negative infinities? But that is basic to the strengths of the maths involved- if indeed it will be shown that the values predicted by the theory for the Higgs is the discovered one. I have problems with the stretch of the gravino idea and its mass- if this is not some form that suggests and alternative SUSY where such things may be a more complicated mirror physics, same for winos, and any vague reference to what they think is dark matter- yet the cosmological constant CC as an issue has been long overdue not to be taken seriously in terms of measure on all scales.

Nevertheless it is most interesting to find the slow discovery of hints of issues so many of the other bloggers have long discussed and sometimes used to develop new or alternative designs- I find it also a little disconcerting, uncanny, and to the extent there is sorrow we may not know of other deep thinkers out there we have not nor will encounter, it seems very odd that those who would put forth a theory would not represent it like it was born anew without the work of others known or acknowledged- not as a formal paper.

But I had no idea this would come close to a rant- (a rant would have said as some said of Bucky Fuller- his work was horse hockey- but a very high grade of horse hockey.) But this is self-reference and uncanny too. All I wanted to do was present a slightly clearer idea of what seems a lot of words posted. Like lovers perhaps we have to work, and yes rest a bit in between as does our hearts, to keep the passion alive. Would other professionals never lose such idealism. But how can our new affair and revolution be suppressed when others find our darling SUSY alluring and beautiful albeit in their own imaginative terminology?

* * *

I did have the germ of an idea- again the lens I proposed near the beginning of these posts. One that moreover would be accessible for experiment and for the use in interpreting collider particle physical data better. But this is one of the things I would have to see to believe even though since then so much more has been learned about light by our engineers and tinkerers. Such a lens design would fall out from a super-quasic and omni-mirror theory rather than raw intuition- so, clues there, you figure it out.

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