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Keatopes, Loops, Strings and The Colour of Love

Keatopes, Loops, Strings and The Colour of Love

L. Edgar Otto December 10, 2011

By Keatope I mean the abstract algebra and topology with a view to it having physical literal properties, at least in the potentialities of space and models of physics. This general idea here imagined a spherical top with shells much as the idea of many-sheeted TGD in that hyperbolic geometry has these generalized quasic projective and combinatorial properties. (Why could we not imagine in such flat space the virtual addition of 15 particles in the number theory hidden in the measured mass of the TGD picture of the Higgs-like particle?)

In the combination theory, braid-like, concern n-pole singularities we find further generalization that are not visible (ie transparent) of how knots and such may loop and combine. I have to modify some views where my concerns on the foundations did resolve themselves where these are given a deeper foundation so to make concrete and experimental the mystery model rather than material model of particle like quasi-isolated systems. In general the mirrors involved in the privileged or arbitrary order of mass and inertial like objects allows persistence and yet growth between higher symmetric quasi-isolated (therefore organic like) systems where it is not clear the mathematics of it all can be decided only as partial differentiations.

Let us give up for old Newton too in that the squaring of abstract values in these systems of universal law as the calculus may be shown to vanish- that in the wider physics these inductive ideas need not be considered magical where they apply.

The leading illustration is taken through a screen and window where the last eclipse of the moon (not seen) is doubled in reflection, directly with grids and indirectly with vaporous smudges on the steamy window facing winter. This I imagine is the raw separation of the two physics, GR and QM as it may organize mind and brain symmetry in that less than general on the face of lower dimensions ideas on projective planes.

We note also the idea that color as a quantity more than a quality may be said in a sense to make those distinctions via subtle changes in say, light velocity where this is a point that could favor some of the loopy theories. Spectrality issues.

I wonder, if we can see better into chromatic space levels and how it connects to the analogous levels of unified gravity and electromagnetism, if in the effects we observe of the so called Big Bang, the gamma rays fit into it - say the random blips on the television snow also may contain, even at maximum distance from now, color information?

* * *

The following poem contains some ideas that followed from my last post, and awakens from events in the bustle of Xmas shopping so long since I visited the mall- and the relationship again of touch and sight (at a distance).

The Wal-Mart of Our Dreams L. Edgar Otto Dec. 9, 2011

The terrain is not sterile but wide its depths
of color full of flowing shapes and rows and other faces
we recognize in the symmetry picket fence of
our mind's backbone wasp gene Swiss Army knife
appendages, one total scene we change without
fear and gazing face to face not turned away in
looks or touch, reborn, remapped, our brain stem.

Although the sky inspires me, the passion must
arise within that I learn to love your perfect
doubting unique soul - as you stand naked at ease
beyond the myth of distance between us, windows, blinds.

We shop together the bargain isles and foodstuff marketplace
or search taking time an appliance light bulb, meet
again at the checkout line resisting in privacy babbles we did not need.

All because we once played hide and seek under the
racks of clothes, mice under snow cover from the eyes of adults.

* * *

One last comment to Pitkanen: obviously we need a better general outlet for extended commentary as rich as it is- that there is better dialog and communication of the focused ideas. Posted HERE

Hi Matti,

Higgs and me- well, I must be careful then in posting here (anyway the comments would make very interesting reading on a blog of there own). I was surprised how having independently scoffed at Duff I find myself in the mainstream.

Higgs or no Higgs (well in theory and in experiment scientists should adapt...) Unified theory or no unified theory?

Anyway, I post here to say that my post today dec.10, on the Keatope and such concepts I think we share from some view as to what particles are (and even the standard guys have to use such numbers) that your calculations were not a mistake 139 if it does turn out after all to be at or around 124. QCD is a different animal when it comes to a deeper form of relativity where in combinatorial and quantum ideas we see Lorentz invariance carries over to the greater complexity- even with some dark matter ideas.

By the way, Owen et al, you can indeed find organic models referenced on my post- but in the end only the first writer of a new theory has the right to speak in poetic metaphors that the masses struggle to mimic and make sense of. Pitkanen is terse but original in this sense and on the frontier. But how can we get anywhere if we cannot speak in the common popular tongue- well, once we show we can do it then perhaps go abstract- I mean anyone can throw paint on a canvass but few save true artists can pencil a good still life first.

Here we found sanity while a few are running around not quite knowing what to say or do as they have lost the connections to their own inner language as the world changes and they drift by the same.

If we write for other theorists, Matti, well what language would that be? Hopefully the passing of ideas on the net as in the UK projects recently of open access will give the true recognition you need- and show that you are still growing and were ahead of the times.

Few have time to read when in academia, thus most theories tend to be done when we were young.

Troost Boets!

The PeSla

* * * * *

Note in the page illustrated above called Natural Dimension what is left out in the upper left hand corner is the statement that the notations were experimental and informal - yet once attempted it led to the other pages of deeper and more focused ideas- I should develop these notations more clearly- what this page eventually showed me was that my general concept of superimposed patterns on one unified brane or many was equivalent to the notations (such as matrices) in our normal way to view dimensions.

Now if we go beyond E8 as in Duffs paper Matti linked to- this so called progress in the string (membrane) theories cited was there in our theories way before this era of string physics began. Or for that matter anything beyond Coxeter's 8 space and its reflections. If physics is only geometry what is the point of physics, and if that geometry is explored and well known now- who among you as experts can claim to be original? One thing from this blog experience I have learned is that in the end it is the stretching of the concepts more than the methods and notations, the creative in the usual literary sense of the term, imagination- that seems to begin to be recognized as much as experiment or observational evidence (such as the long decade to show the expansion accelerates and thus the Nobel Prize last time)- someone should perhaps establish such prizes for pure theory founding. But clearly those who have the prizes really were not looking for them in the main.

* * * *

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