Thursday, December 29, 2011

Surreal Continua & God Made the Primes...

Surreal Continua & God Made the Primes... L. Edgar Otto December 29, 2011

I might add that the usual notation as far as powers of powers is intrinsically ambiguous when it comes to these distinctions of the natural or usual numbers and those on different power levels of surreal calculus so other than a rule that imposes some ordering (as the operational order of parentheses- thus in the string like space we do find the Catalan numbers relevant) as natural counting even over some infinite continuum. The same goes for other functions and zero, infinite or special unity division. This quasic generalization also reflects our ambiguity of what we can see with those core reality omnic values zero x infinity = unity when all other theories save some ultimate source or origin against a background of absolute non-existence as a sea of discontinua- this is the foundations of the foundations- and of course in that these are quasiclly ordered in a plane of syllogism that part of logic applies with general consistency and certainty- but we could of course expand such tables of validity to triality and perhaps beyond as a matrix. The universe is most certainly and unquestionably multidimensional and these do have ultimate pictorial representations. Quasics covers the surreal, Fermat's considerations, reciprocity, base issues and binary power distinctions, p-adic and higher number systems, the discriminants and matrices, brane theory. I find it interesting that a rather trivial result to me, as a focus of the algebra, that the Heegner numbers move qualitatively to the a and b quasic axes or that the Fermat primes the a axis and the main diagonal one of great and hidden significance. I know that Kea was keen on these numbers but I did not look into her links nor think about them at the time of her update (I should go back and look, I suppose theorems with confusing names of people put me off a little). For her last post I find it interesting that she has different signs in the imaginary part of her matrix.
But such problems of the orientation of say triality squared or cubed (implied) color cube axial orientation was after all the wider discovery and concern of my Triaconway space.

I see that Lubos today is beginning to see this deeper level of space insofar as the ordinal numbers are concerned... synchronously. We sense this greater unification of space- but other than some vague idea of time to explain it topquarkomnium needse a deeper reason for its exclusion from the game.

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I posted this comment to Pikanen today:

Well, Matti,

With great visions (and sometimes lesser visions) one certainly gets the idea of a unification of things happening in the universe or brain. It is a powerful leap of our cognition.

Of course this seems to me beyond the leap to proof of such unity as existing. Yes, I have touched on this sort of philosophy lately with the idea that just perhaps there is some sort of physics involved- not sure Magnetism is the fundamental idea as we know it.

But it is on the way to understanding at least the mathematics that may be involved.

So the issue of what happens between classical and the other representations in relation to this sense of uniqueness and unity we call consciousness is still an open question- you should submit this sort of thing to the link I supplied in the call for papers a few of my posts back.

The PeSla

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I find it interesting that Hawkings is asking for help to improve his ability to technically communicate. In a sense this asks the reverse question of how we interact physically with whatever theoretical visions we find by hard work or epiphany.

In a more general space, well, like dream space, we face the model or code of the universe. These issues of theology and neurology can be seen as an aid to the search for the unity in phyiscs, but only we dare to look outside our own visions and trudge on despite the defending of powers entrenched in history and the world.

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  1. I find fundamental theory in a pitiful shambles, and incapable of addressing Hawking's situation, so that a position on which a great deal turns looks set to pass as "unspeskable" in what will pass as QM.

    I found the roots of modern color theory in the work of a forgotten pioneer of the New Age, whose vision (!) Of the atom was taken up by the Occult Chemists, and passed on to the Theosophical Research Society.

    The retina natively parses colors in terms of blood-pressure, in the language of the heart, of which fundamentalisms know nothing.

    Yet today legions of Buddhists and Hindus are convinced that string theory is the revelation of their (inconsistent) wisdom(s), and have no chance of discovering the true elements of sensation and perception.

    Pitkanen has a masterful approach to objects of thought through a cognitive decision-tree which cannot terminate on physical substantives, so that the predictions he exhausts himself seeking must ever elude him. Despite this, his framework is essential, much as Kant discerned: but the problems are ill-posed and must be regularised with physical assumptions foreign to his sensibility.

    ThePeSla's quasics remind me of magic squares, which physicalize only as angular momenta, and hence evoke unheralded degrees of freedom internal to spins.

    In proportion as all these visions speak past each other, suffering passes into the unspeakable, as silence frosted by footfalls in the gathering snow....

  2. suffering passes into the unspeakable, as silence frosted by footfalls in the gathering snow....

    How masterful said...
    I feel you know a lot, but I cannot catch it. Links, links...
    Magic squares - loops -?

  3. Orwin , Thanks for the comments and insights. Yes, Ulla, that line struck me as very poetic too.