Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thermomnic Quasitope (and Quark-like Leptons)

Thermomnic Quasitope (and Quark-like Leptons) L. Edgar Otto December 11, 2011

Between the perception and the cognition falls the connection to mathematical laws of the universe.

In the conceptual understanding of consciousness and creative theory, Matti, how can age matter if matter does not age?

The best ideas are those we do not need to hear or read at least once before we understand them, for these originate independently within our self.

Given renormalization, and thus self-re-normalized bosons, the super symmetry by virtual images of particles where odd loops in Feynman diagrams vanish- may I not ask as we look deeper into the foundations of quantum theory, a quasic logic also that we may regard as strange to the everyday scale of things?

At what point or place or pole (and the sprialing into one, loxidromes or not, or the treating it as a singularity as if a concrete presence or not- that place where the condensates and exclusion models meet or apply...) can we find what is chance or determined of two ways something may decay yet keep their identities awhile?

Should we not keep the gender like properties of inertia in mind, gravity ubiquitous and why it is, thereby and mass by ideas of time reversals or delays- not just the oddness and evenness distinction of formuli and raw numbers? These to influence the concrete atoms or the vague ghosts of them? Where does the mathematical artifacts that so describe the physicality there in deep effective nilpotency truly reach the emptiness?

Clearly, what is encountered and created in our mental models (in many ways I am looking for a sort of picture or pattern for it all, and ones quite beyond the simple idea of a geometric or algebraic one to so describe it) read at least once or conceived of the first time de novo from within us- that place we see deeper into of such hidden things within ourselves and the world and its substances... somewhere in the opaque or dark X concepts where X is fluid, energy, matter etc... that world beneath the omnic mirror comes closer to being equivalent to the phenomena of QCD as a conceptual image to which we ponder what is the lepton-like quarks or how the gauge theory is as much a ship to travel the seas as much as a prison, Matti.

Then again if we interpret the simple falling electromagnetic as the unitary field of final unification's, if in the physical world there is uncertainty or if it can be described in terms of consciousness too, no wonder some of our concepts are uncertain or settle for some reasonable measure we find in some existent such as the God particle now a fallen angel and unforgiven, a truth.

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