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Dreamtime and Dream Space Complex Landscapes

Dreamtime and Dream Space Complex Landscapes
L. Edgar Otto 27 December 2011

The visualization of space by Riemann seems exceptionally bold and deep. I casually jotted down some notes and plotted still further numbers on my last piece of quasic graph paper. I did the Heegner series and the number of regions one divides a disc into which after a point turns out not to be a power of 2 series. In the first illustration the colored numbers represent the latter.

Again we find the former numbers pushed toward the boundaries of the quasic grid as if a factoring into the information of a holographic space in the x and y directions, like the Fermat numbers to one axis of this grid and the main diagonal.
I left several minor ideas of patterns of these numbers suggestive more of the shape of the spaces than obviously what might or might not make balanced triangles and magic squares of them. While it does not, it we ever can, get down to an elementary and reasonably solvable way to generate primes without the exponential formulas we can get a sort of sense of such proofs by philosophic argument with some certainty if we realize the foundational concept of prime itself is to be generalized.

This of course leads to questions of what is the subjective, the metalanguage and the ambiguity of Godel like proofs by prime powers. (I found it very thrilling to see the landscape and the formulas that relate pi to e and -1 as the z series and zeta zeros and how they converge or not. This was a very good book to find (Prime Obsessions) but I regret in some ways I did not know this aspect of things from the algebraic side, yet it feels like Riemann in such analysis is also closely related in his topics to the geometrical side as if in his mind it could go smoothly between the concepts the rest of us count on our fingers or try to make partial pictures of.

I see today Pitkanen is also posting on the concluding idea of this paper- the Dreamtime as a deep background and the Dream Space as the landscape (the terms time and space here are to be taken in a classical way not necessarily connected concepts but these involve hierarchies of concepts as if the many-ply sheets of the multiverse can intelligibly generalize the relativity's as deeper geometry. I do not know if in this sense Pitkanen means by multi-sheets this same sort of geometry.) But It is clear, here my Biomnium as yet another holding word or continuum, shows the landscape under discussion here as in the realm of mind and biology. Now I do not know if it is deep enough to describe consciousness as Pitkanen does as a situation of holographic structures of space but in the general picture of quasic space here, and especially the concern with at least Mersenne numbers, it is clear that as I have shown in the last two graphs illustrating their quasic coordinate positions that informationally these do convey the idea of some intelligible relation to the holographic idea. See Pitkanen's post today here. On which I just added this comment:


And we note that non-parallel lines in four space may not necessarily intersect (Riemann) or that a line can intersect a point in 3 space yet from outside that space.

I have had the good fortune to finally understand the complex analysis and rough pictures of the functions. (I think this sort of thing should have been taught much sooner- would save a lot of effort)

Now does your many sheeted idea relate that closely to Riemann? His space of infinite perpendiculars and no parallels?

I find it odd, having dared to post when a lot of viewers lately are more from the physics only side of things something as subjective as our landscape of dreams and consciousness... Is it not strange we have reached a similar topic and conclusion to post at the same time?

The PeSla (man, the more I do and if I slow down a little the more I can do- I got a lot of rest this holiday, hope you did too.)

* * * * *

I notice today Lubos has an interesting post on anti-quantum views and Weinberg of which I find an interesting read in comparison to my posts of late (especially the ground of the continuum which is rather radical I call Otto-Motil statistics - my name first because he probably would not want to endorse such a concept philosophically perhaps.) Here.

But if there is such a background it is not clear to me the argument that at the micro-level things could reach an unmanageable chaos of particle events if indeed we do not have such a radical probabilistic theory and unstable classical background. Which brings us back to corrections or interpretations of Qm theory as "consciousness" which seems to be the discussion (at a distance) at hand. But really, despite our several deep philosophical conflicts by the set of bloggers I have encountered- our purpose and interest is after all to be scientifically grounded. So, if we take the six faces of said dice, and the permutations or perturbations involved... A sort of Galois concept, is it but four of them when separated or two of them that are the significant way to view things like fields and particles in whatever space dimensions? This goes to the heart and questions what we are doing by interpreting things like slit experiments in the first place and ultimately the data, random or otherwise, of the atom smashers.

* * * * *

In this blog I follow (after all part of my inspiration for the issues of consciousness intruding on the sterile geometry of it all was my roommate and how as an artist and diagnosed schizophrenic, how he sees the universe and if knowing some ideas would it help organize the complexity of his mental universe?) for those of you with credential or interest a call for papers- of course the moral law within as an issue, more of philosophic than medical one, I have recently found as an issue beyond that of the nature of consciousness needed in my contemplations on physics of which it seems a rather great divide of disciplines on the face of it. Do we hold others responsible for their actions or not, ultimately? Do we hold animals responsible when to eat the natives they merely do their animal nature the animistic natives only too well understand and laugh at fate or misfortune? This for me is a higher question of uniqueness and comparison where possible, and that threshold of transcendence to higher sentience- purpose perhaps, but that is beyond the scope of this call for papers I imagine. Here.

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Gee, I am still in a parallel-ish universe of intersecting synchronicity's- someone else posted about the interferometers and the aether on Pitkanen's blog. and I mentioned this sort of thing just now (but I think on a much deeper level of discussion than the articles to refer to there). But, note that in the division within a circle of so many nodes, the lines that do intersect are restricted to no more than two of them into a point... the mirror or inverse or complements of this (the symbolism in math is not clear as to how to represent this without explanation as to the use of such symbols in some publication). What is a detector of radio frequency anyway but half the wave, a guru of what? motion in a classical aether or gravity itself? Oh well, I have other things to do now rather than be caught in this loop of synchronicity at a distance. Cheers.

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Inside and Outside Our Myths and Taste of Caves L. Edgar Otto 27 Dec. 2011

Sparkles in reflection on the waves and swells on the rivers water
at noontide facing the direct and cutting infinty of the sun's lighthouse light

But the wind is chill and more immediate, taking time while I dream of
other weather in the rains and evaporation of memories

So too nature hides her wares waiting, teasing me to try first our
imagining unification, our half shy touches at a distance looping

Legs opened wide eagles in flight welcoming prone on the couch
the familiar rituals of comfort our linked synchronicity of midnight moons

Our worlds shake and spin, earthquakes from the shivers and rains
She casually pulls up her auroa curtain, turns down the light, goes to bed

But the dance cannot go on like this where the universe and we desire more
knowing such passion cuts through the infinity and can go on forever.

Our lives are hadly elemental but unique when one can inspire such rings of fire
unreasonably and impossibly from among the churning seas of loves so many.

* * *

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