Saturday, December 3, 2011

Informational Chirality and Topological Boundaries

Informational Chirality and Topological Boundaries (The Teleomnic Field Principles) L. Edgar Otto December 3,. 2011

I will include about a page of encountered thoughts- all of these are on the frontier of the abstract and I doubt that many will grasp them in the spirit of abstraction to which many to thru the motions but cannot see beyond the notions learned for their particular mathematics or physics- proudly they extend these to faerie fields yet cannot see the super depth there let alone make a decisive claim to what is not there.

Let me summarize the points considered on that page:

*The change of chiral directions at some remote relative boundary of a universe can be seen as the same problem of scaling in a diverse multiverse with superquasic generalization.

*The pure number (unique in actual measure) of quasic dimensions (as if iota particles) or relative dynamically to the (un)certainty of a the boundary - thus 124 or 128 as the concept of the creative Higgs-like mechanism (thus 125 or 3cube triality also) this can be interpreted as a mass value comparing particles or spaces or the pure voltage measure. This is because. p-adically or by multi fano projections meeting (trinx) the raw numbers imply a relation to the 2 ^ 7 + 1 group projection dimensions.

*In the 2+2 or 3+1 formulisms as dimensions, 2 x (3+1) puts the super-fields beyond the six dimensional space only, Riemann leaps of complex space spins and slices can have multiple density intelligibly as reentry into the informational boundary of a polytope and this applies also to an indefinite plane or Tarski sphere (such spheres equivalent to a plane) or say the division into 5 of a brane or plane as flat also follows intelligibly and tends to resolves paradoxes like this of space and boundary energies.

*The removal of a point and connecting rays from an indefinite flat Euclidean lattice intelligible describes a polytopes yet this needs not be the case for the lattice can stay flat with a hole. The holes moreover may amplify rather than block the light through the dimension of depth in the quasic brane.

*In an asymmetric sense the reaction and spin flagellation change to the stimuli of the physical (or mental) environs by say, bacteria is a teleological directions for an evolving structure of a quasic engine.

*The universal topology of Rene Thom (that of sphere in Euclidean planes) is thus grounded as to hidden path Riemann catastrophes of which there are seven form in 4 space and a fifth time-like accounting of a pure number.

*Lastly, It occurs to me with these things in mind that we can hold the spin of a quasic sphere in terms of triality and the superquasic space is the mix of regions for mixing of generation or flavor states while the quasic particles remain invariant chirally.

* * * * *

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