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The Boson-Fermion Holographic Cycle

The Boson-Fermion Holographic Cycle (Our Home the Earth) L. Edgar Otto 12-9-11

I note that Kea et al seems to be coming closer to our geometric and general picture of things as relevant to physics. It reads very clearly to me, and so do the issues. But with such a view as the topic of this post- a view I share to some extent with Pitkanen, galatomic, pointloop and many others- we diverge fundamentally from how the world is seen by what is the current standard physics. It has always been the case. But we really need both views to truly grasp the next level of nature although we are already there in many respects. I find it difficult in humans in the seeing of patterns if they be pictures or symbolic algebra or some stream of words. Our minds are still much a mystery yet remain more complex than our experience of things like the moduli expressed in singularities and branes an such or some residue and lag of numbers- then again does Pitkanen regard is picture of particles a beginning or an end?

As in this post I appeal to the general scientific community to try to grasp a wider understanding and not just dismiss for trivial reasons what value there is in what we can then learn.

I see Lubos is name calling Tomas D. what is the point?

The TGD diary has made a policy statement on blog comment posting (not a popularizer of physics off the topic - At what point is this the role of retired old physicists- do only the young to off to battle in their name. While the Euro is an issue and the right wants to abandon the treaty and England does not want a treaty within a treaty- this should not be as important as physics research on which we spend our time. Physics has become more complicated that economics in the search for common sense. What entanglements of those in a two tier system, the Alpine and Mediterranean man, easy and hard lifestyles and fear of intrusive species, should not affect those of us on the other side of the pond as the world comes back in cycles toward a little more isolationism.

News events concerning American veterans inspired in me a poem of which if one were to analyze or understand the symbols in the several eras covered it would be a rather complex poem- perhaps with the careful inclusion of ideas and in a page on philosophy or physics. If there is a defect or injury we might one to mercifully keep out of view, not face a problem head on, should whole be destroyed for the sake of what we think of as one imperfection or disease (complete on some level but with lack of further depth as understanding)- we are also machine in blind calculations and we spread the memes that start with fade- cherish some abacus obsolete or desire to make the most chosen gifts for our children for Xmas this year, the tablets and cell phones as if we spread our styles and addictions as if we are superior to the young and old. I like the politician who said social engineering right or left is just as bad (well it is not a given and ultimately, philosophically, it does not matter who lives or dies or how many and what memorials we erect in some glue of social memory) But at this moment I do not recall his name.

Forensics is in on a deeper level where we coldly examine the scull, the bones, and trajectories of sharp and blunt instruments, discern what probabilities someone there and who the daddy. So too the next and nano-level of technology in cycles leaves us without heart, or with the fear (and fear drives our health concerns does it not- fear itself oft worse than the disease) or heart is but an empty ghost. A little bit of technology can be a very dangerous thing.

I invite in openness comments, especially by those who may have found something truly never seen before- like candle designs offered by my co-workers not to dismiss the idea as if raw and vague and immature- but think about where it may lead- and has led many times to great new breakthroughs in design- even if in the same old tired way, to get enthusiasm for a project one allows some artist to think they discovered it themselves. Such ideas are fresh for short periods of time and like characters in a good novel take on a life of their own.

Oh, interestingly, a small point I also find after posting- about the number of fingers as well the stability of our toes as mentioned in my topic here this author posted synchronously today Here. Note although my sentences were long I tried to make it more readable as if perhaps I was speaking for others or to myself out loud.

* * * * *

Made in Occupied Japan
L. Edgar Otto 12-09-11

Ashes in the landfill pilied higher and deeper
Santa Ana's leg buried with honors after battle
When it mattered who was brother, who keeper
Or fleet torn from the Pacific in the main but saber rattle

The arms and heart cut out in protest from our flag
Revolutionary, a second time around
Bullet ridden rabble rebel revolting rag
Lethal Revelations burned yet not touched the ground

Duty bound in flight or fallen starlings gone
All half brave purple helmet hammered musical chairs
Caissons half returned on wheels to promised Arlington
Whole clothed the draped empty caskets gather cross and tears

The holes like poppy dough-boy plots make lattices
Until some greatest generation fades as sad persists

* * *

Even the drones can be lost at sea
Between the flesh and bayonets, technology.

* * * *

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