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Penta-essence SUSY Carriers of Non-local Force

Penta-essence SUSY Carriers of Non-local Force

L. Edgar Otto December 12, 2011

First, a comment to Hogg Research Blog on the utility of grid methods:


From my viewpoint, what I have come to call quasic space. This sort of grid has wide applications that makes clear many concepts of physics and math.

The recursive aspects (as in fractals- and btw what space are we filling) gives us some more insights to the projective plane and other magic square like things in multiple dimensions.

There is a certain invariance of the general, that is more general pattern of things that also sheds light on such patterns in numbers, dimensions, and group theory.

Also it raises the questions of just what we mean by singularities and how we translate among the various bases from one position grid which involves physical values which are their own inverse and so on...

This arose from my models of 4D chess in 67. I also am only a candle maker.

I am a long time reader of your research blog:

L. Edgar Otto

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Conceptual ideas sometimes needs a breakthrough to understand their wider context as well as what the design of a theory means in depth- such depths are considered the foundations of physics and it borders on the philosophical. Clearly radio waves were considered by many metaphysical until it was shown they work, Maxwell the dreamer... (I still feel the magic of the voice coming out of the radio seemingly from nowhere.) These pages are rather difficult having reached a little closer to what is considered physical foundations and not sure when it will catch up- so it seems with the clues of scientists and authors like Rowlands and even like the speculations on the Higgs itself (of which here I designate as the IPA letter zh) I also have entered strange new terrain, surprised as usual I have something to say and post, still not sure of its value other than for myself- the idea that a virtual photon reabsorbed by an electron and how that relates to its momentum was a powerful idea for me that I had somehow missed in the self education.

Whatever the strangeness of these ideas I can see that the development of them seems to be consistent and connected, more or less in time, even when at the time I am not always aware of such connections. Rowlands presented to me a paradox- one at which I may have to revise an old idea of chirality as the organizer and evolving of the galaxies or its role for the weak particles- the (quantum-like) vacuum, space between things is everything not a muon. But does not the vacuum arise with the muon? Is there a logic to this in which we find something in between?

In a sense too we have ideas of the laws of arithmetic and the nature of (integral) numbers that certainly seem to generalize ordinals and can behave as if these numbers as partition numbers can be added and multiplied at least with 90 degree rotational symmetry (for a start, four space and five partition string diagrams of the flavors and colors). Hence, I use the term pentaessence (so not to confuse it with the term quintessence which may have special meaning of which I am not familiar.

The non existence of the Higgs conceived as a carrier of the non-local force (which Rowlands suggests that gravity has that role probably) on the face of it seems very metaphysical yet perhaps no more so than the conceptions we now consider standard physics. The scale of things (perhaps that confusion of some place as not clearly distinguished as scalar or vector and so on) cannot be reduced to a theory or a set of theories that unify some aspects (such as aether and particle, wave and particle etc...) without the possible loss of some meaningful generalization. In that things are physical like space, time, mass, charge - well I make a bold (compared to those who just see things as if an artifact of the math) fifth area and mirror which is more or less the omnic mirror principle of superquasics- yet as our imaginations rise higher we come back home to the simpler theories of quasics and philosophic continua into simple concepts- only we come back home with deeper understanding.

In general pentaessence involves things like thermodynamics and energy in the fourth physics I have vaguely called Phoenix that abstractly relates to the three physics as a trinity whole- but in these design methods are we not on many levels sorting things out in thought as well as technology as if we are sorting the particles and paths and count of things we try to see in the micro world? Theories of observation are not easily dismissed, nor as Kea said our ability to connect and modify dark matter (and BTW its mirror like grounding beyond existing maths as to what is physicality in nature.)

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