Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year and New Physics

Happy New Year and New Physics, post to appear here next time perhaps. Happy 2012.

Leonard Edgar Otto

I noticed on the news this morning that today is a new tradition where a lot of things are thrown away from the past year for a new start- I wonder then if this sense of needing a new start and the shredding of our former incarnations of belief and learning, of loves and holiday ups and downs of joys and sorrows and abandonment to foolish behaviors and resolutions... is not a natural part of the cycle of things and the bigger picture.

has this interesting view on the matter. It is all so elemental. Anyway, having missed the photo of the sun in reflection for the poem I included a couple of post back I place it here but more to the afternoon. Poem (Inside and Outside Our Myths and Taste of Caves 27 Dec. 2011) at bottom of the Dreamtime post.

OK all you synthetic and analytic, finite and continuous theorists- keep plugging onward. May we find better days to come whatever the source and promise of rainbows.

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