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Diophantus Unknowns and Sea-foam Taffy Super-Partners

Diophantus Unknowns and Sea-foam Taffy Super-Partners L. Edgar Otto December 15, 2011

Here I try to see, in the historical development of ideas in the West in relation to how we deal with singularities, how the Greeks saw and explored such things. I continue the saga of Homer and Sailor in the dated idiomatic mixed metaphor rhyming in places short story like bits of writing about Sanibel and he sea turtles mixing above all the soul of science and philosophy. But in a sense for those who think and dream about these things are we not a set of balances and confusions of mixed metaphors? I am not surprised by the sci mag article that we do not judge size from either side of our brains as well or that things can be different if we read or right from left or right. I remain somewhat irredential in the claim of territory thought whacky by the science and philosophy chat forum moderators- that turtles having five receptors in a sense can see five dimensions- this a metaphor at bottom. And that we need further abstraction to really understand what this idea of a Higgs mechanism or particle is. Mirrors and Pythagoras and we who walk the tightrope across the widening crevice and higher dreaming, learning how to build wisely the towers of universal babble or glide between them in new visions of time on flying buttresses then the space itself. It is hoped that such writing, creative but not honed into action and terseness, verbs in favor of substantives is at least entertaining and just perhaps rings a bell and gives a hint of alternative visions for who knows on what our future philosophy and sciences will hang. Join me in the hanging up the moon by a rope as we deep in the well view the stars in daylight and draw up the waters deep from our being.

I am not sure who made this picture, it was on Christina's facebook- but hearts can be a symbol of the holidays for some... Happy Holidays to all the curds and nerds and other artists...

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Sea-Foam Taffy
L. Edgar Otto 12-15-2011

The descendants of Archelon, the great in girth first and ancient turtles that filled the pools and shore where life began as well the sparse desert-seas, between the great gyres of ocean currents and Santayana winds hot and cold they hibernate when spots or flares are too much for them in the floods and flux or beady falling plops of raining frogs and cats and dogs. So some grow feathers for to fly, and some find their cots under the sleepy hollers in the harmonics of earth's bell.

In the great tangles of their efficient but vulnerable long necks and guts and the nutrients, salt filtered water, the fabric and fiber is churned by spinning equators and poles and radiation returned to the sky. Like sea foam candy distilling their fetal dreams that digs for the mineral eggs buried there in the sands made of time and life, fermenting wine enriched again past zero sum hills and valleys raw alcohol returned the taste of brandy, refined as beckoning, addictive as the next colors of perception and dimensions found in dreams.

Like the birds that ride the thermals, fall or fly, their sometimes crash into our concrete deserts looking like shimmering water, their fractal paths, migrations, stretch and harden taffy in three space, the turtles in the sugar and substance of epihpany and thought add a fifth color prime as they pain on their world and dreams, exhausting and filling them mapped, bounded and unbounded, fixed and vanishing mirrored circuits of territory and jurisdiction, the exterior products and sums of the outline, trees and canopies that spawned them as they pick by the luck the numbers and try to fill in legibly the canvass with their four color theorem dreams by runes or cursive scripts.

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Super-Partners 12-15-11

Between Sailor and Homer taking thought or not in the enterprise of challenges to survive and for more abundant living, the balance, symmetry in the flow and fact of purpose and the mystery of Being and with nowhere to stand in the fiction of higher seas; between the mortal man and God they looked for woman. She evolved with them in their collective instinctual mindless or alpha male dominated, domesticated sacrifice for the tribal hierarchy, their enacted dreams of vibrations much as the sterile worker female bees sting their lives away to defend the honey and the Queen, both Homer and Sailor, each the others wing man, searched for the super partners like their in archetypal dreams.

So, in this day, between the colors of flight, four fold of the space with the rise and fall of birds, you will find the female as wide as the earthly ground heavy and rotund in the Archelon descendants, stately her path and motions and at first annoyed with the smaller gnats, Beau Bumbles, drawn to her seeking rest so perch on her as on twigs or wires, no grounding or short circuit for their red eyed St. Elmo's fire.

She, broken by her bronco bucking buster did not seem to mind as she was pushed deeper into her forgetting by the distracting sea. Too late to tell herself No, suspend disblief that it now might have been the best idea, her glow and fancying, she the sweetheart of the rodeo. But then she had bigger things on her mind, the search for a down to earth nest so to dig into the shifting sand cherishing her offspring - only that as solid between herself and this world's imagined gods.

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This is an interesting take I just read after posting the poems on how flight may have evolved... here

I could not find yesterdays sci mag article that said we perceive changes of things like size less accurately if we read from one direction or the other and process that with which side of our brains. But I find this in the searching: This is the difference in the posted article above on Diaphantus (better check the spelling at least on both sides of the pond- well, spell checkers can confuse things as well as the formatting for poetry...must have been trying to spell with the wrong side of my brain- however, one can miss a lot of grade school going fishing and studying nature- like key words or division of polynomials... oh well, language is fluid, sorry.) Unknowns (in the margin) as if the properties of the fermion and boson models work evidently asymmetrically but as a unity across this bilateral mental mirror.

Of course we have known for awhile listening to a horror story in one ear or the other evokes a sort of flight or fight mechanism wherein on one side the story evokes the sense of fear in the hearer.

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