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Superimposed Plane Curve (wave) Encoding

Superimposed Plane Curve (wave) Encoding
L.Edgar Otto

Newscientist Article: Merge two of your fingerprints to protect your data

17 December 2011

By combining information from two fingerprints a third, artificial one can help keep your personal details safe

Well, it looks like our Lubos does have a linguistic or poetic leaning here.
. What can I say, the source is the same country as the infidels? Meanwhile, the Great Society Santa goes on his merry way bringing the free lunch of existence apparently from some children's myth of a God for Sure hadron.

Anyway, as in Durkee's art within my last post illustration I continued the thoughts so have a small one of peripheral ideas to post ( recall that in quasic space one might wonder if there is distance between two "spherical" objects regardless if that is totally empty or full of something- some vibration or virtual fields and so on.)

But the Keeper of the Light house can be lonely as well the edifice of his cross that tries to shed light on the world or into the light of others or to show up what some imagine should be unearthed for public scrutiny and judgement. So, from the old stickers for donations to research epilepsy or from the VFW back when we had a real postal service in this nation. (Hey, the banks can sit on all the money in the world and it is worthless if it does not circulate- one can hard call banks a business in that sense- if we can socialize them to get them out of failure then why would could we privatize the public sector of a failing government department? Guess it is just who works or who does not and so on. Guess there is always a Germany that once learned frugality should perhaps shed its whining partners they pay to help them with taxes. Banks are not a business but they should not be a nationality either.)

OK, I wish well to those who dream of such Godless particles... You do not make a pimple on your last generations butts- As you gaze into the depths of the beginning and the temperatures of hell- think not as it works at some Trinity- that you have become Death... Propaganda shouted long enough we get immune- and only you of the old order will become and believe it. Physics cannot be done in offices or the jumping between them as if condescending to students we direct them to the islands of the litter boxes and teach them to cover up their own quantum cat droppings.

* * * * *

I see our Kea is off to the Mountains (as per my post of yesterday the quote from Pagels that quantum physicists are drawn to mountains... I wonder what sort of theoreticians are drawn to the seas?) I should take a holiday myself and had that in mind when I wrapped things up with this stray idea on the foundations--- again why are there no found 4 or five hadrons?

Can we merge such curves or plane waves if they are already (quasically) merged and thus in one place not two as in the quantum idea? In any case it will all work to a point, encryption and all... but let me end with this thought I long held when it seems it makes no more difference than the sum raised of temperature by two instead of one flame- such "merging" can be an efficient way, in terms of meaning rather than of energy so divided between two machines, such that one day we may find that computation could be done virtually with just the reading on such superimposed systems, distinct yet working together- that is all one needs is the disc or dvd that does the work of a computer- I mean, it would require some form of amplification in the sense we use microwaves but this can be internal. Also we do need sensory apparatus to bring the question - explicitly and with the logic of our design) to the quasi-superimposed system(s). Is this not akin to the merger then the sorting of wave forms into one channel? So, the output of such sensors and the feed back will also be useful as in laser diagnosis of say ones blood at a distance or even the intelligible change or targeting of gene information. On the face of it there does not seem to be a gain, but it can be a gain like that of the division of processes on an assembly line- that and all such products assembled at once, quasar like. On this subtle principle perhaps we explain how entropy in the intermediate scale may relate to organization (and hidden inside jokes of stealth by exchanges and reversals of information in replication) in a deeper foundational understanding of biology and thermodynamics. Of course in the greater picture of things, the Omnium, this is only the beginning.

* * * * *

I find it interesting, locally, and politically, that the economics of this city where the so called middle class has shrunk and the rich get richer and the poor get poorer that there is also a breakdown of the family unit. The cry when the money grows thin for social engineering- mostly university driven (and they had little use for the first string theorists or astronomers) we hear the cry for more aid for say the domestic battering shelter- and the greater incidence of such situations. This is the time of giving in a town known for it and safe when some come to pan handle from far away in their vans and SUV's, pooling to make 400$ a day and pushing the truly local street people out for awhile. So, the media reports some things needed like the once or twice a year feeding the homeless or the protest for the cutting of funds for that particular refuge house (whom I know from knowing a few who dealt with it that they did not help and neither the hope gospel Ruth house (other such organizations are truly in the spirit of giving and these self righteous money changers take from them and this the community- all is propaganda, all is legal if one uses the proper procedure- no morals are involved. Is the correlation here not the causation after so many trials through history- can it be that he who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it is an untrue statement?

But I am not sure things are any worse than the era of radical unions and the mafia state we virtually were back when.

Meanwhile, we an sell more prozac to the canines because they too, the news said, have cases of delayed stress syndrome having sniffed out bombs in Iraq.

Humbug, what good is the investment in the Christmas spirit if it does not circulate both ways or if the good in people is just the feel good of paying the predators who do not take the human spirit seriously other than the suckers born every moment feel tears for the children and pets- and crave the light in the valley of darkness or crave the peace of dark in the searing sun of noonday?

* * * * *

Hmmmm.... The Jehovah Particle, The Jehoshaphat Bystanders Hadrons, The Romney Missionary Pair Production... Faust's Field and the Pentagram... The 70 virgin martyr matrix of sky falling gamma burst invariance... and a partridge in a pear tree !

* * * * *

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