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Condensing or Compactification

Condensing or Compactification L. Edgar Otto
December 16, 2011

I am a little unclear about one side of the Higgs debate declaring victory and the other side acting somewhat defeated. There is clearly something I am not sensitive to here in reading other thinkers. All seems a little inconclusive or is but the promise of an eventual win- much like the war with Iraq- declared won twice, hmmmmm. So we are closer (if indeed our statistical methods really works on a very fine level and it does so with the right theory behind it, I mean some theoreticians understand the idea of infinite spin in the context of things like the charge of some particle.)

I had no thought to post today same one small contemplation- I looked at the book but somehow spelled Diophantus with an o instead of a u so had to change the illustration which I do not like to do because both stay on the blog history.

OK today unlike the record last year there is little snow... we have rapidly come closer the melting of the Higgs snowball as the new photo shows. Now, I am not sure how the physicists can visualize that great concept that if the Higgs and its mechanism (some illusions or faeries have physical consequences from some view but certainly such fields and mechanisms are not necessarily foundational) is in the range of the observed values then the fabric of space itself could collapse.

What if someone blew up the whole universe? where would the debris go? I mean it is not exactly like would we know it if the sun blew up tomorrow- or maybe that is the idea by the flavor changing neutrinos that state our sun will not go nova- hmmm, but what about if these are tachyonic- and so on...? What we hold up as illusion or how our perceptions may be misleading can sometimes be held up as the very opposite thing for us to conclude. For me the Omnium idea, that over all of the time and space of the physical reality there are changes in the unity of things in the infinite and finite reality, seen as totality or not. Simply, 1 = 0 x infinity in the inductive way Euler saw things back when- and which is not something in modern times to hold against the departed ghosts of calculus. The plane, brane, or our evolving ideas of such surfaces gets further refined with topological interpretations much like the hierarchy of the numbers and the number line.

Perhaps, if it were not that at this value a fictitious or vacuum force or field would prevent this general change in the omnium, then we would be stuck in the standard model- at least nearby to a great distance (that is why it is hard to prove say the four color theory without machine help and many pages or some terse way to show computer modeling can predict distant errors from the beginnings of calculation.) This is of course in the properties of the quasic ordering and code as I have styled that level of what a plane is.

Let us recall, as I seem to be saying incredibly simple things in a way that may not be a practical and simple proof of some things by construction- too naive perhaps and lacking of a system developed or general education paths that may at least try to establish a practical measure of things- God's peer review so to speak.) That for Aristotle (recall the excluded middle back then) there was only circular motion- and we sort of imagine electrons for example or particles as little spheres or balls in some models. Today I see the rush to expand this into a more rigid application of how some understand the groups applied, and done so very far into concrete abstraction, to the topology of genius and the 24 cell toroidal lattices- the simple idea that also we can see an electron as if a little doughnut- a vague idea in the sci mags in 1960 or so. One cannot chase these electrons with new Oklahoma land rush speculative papers and most likely steak out some prime land in history that itself will become again the dust bowl. Intuitive speculation also takes a long zen like time to develop as with any theoretical method of expertise.

At the risk of at least a suspected new age dizziness (after all this sort of thing cased Peter Rowlands paper rejected on on-line science blogs at first) this idea of the interchange of round and rectilinear motion is part of the quasic representations if not a mechanism itself. So what is envisioned say by Kea as to the 24 objects in the core of thing if not a condensate of higher symmetries and ghost particles? (Damn, I caught the Big Bang show last night where Sheldon thinking about texting an intelligent lady and by that having offspring with her in a lab dish for the same of mankind as a new species but Penny said he should meet her first- and the show for one of his admiring stalker students was up also- He talked about neutrino condensates.

Now, why not 25 in the center as some thing the standard 24 plus the Higgs particle? I mean is this not the 24 applied to the codons of genetics (as in Rowlands book and what I have for years shown in the quasic four space and that not a compactification as much as a condensing I called flangelationwhere we see the effects in natural normal space of these seemingly hidden higher dimensional symmetries), 25 is the beginning or initiation of reading the sequences on one side of the so called Eigen diagonals. So I have shown also the existence of the (actually Rowlands insisted using Dirac's nilpotency that the 20 codons are involved here but he did not exclude my 24 as "in there somewhere") still a higher symmetry in that internal condensed state, a dimension greater by one at least of 36 of the 64 possible codons, and called it the Conway or triaconway matrix spaces of the 30 colors.

One can see the development or details of much of this over the time I have posted on this blog but I would like one day to get access to some of my old writings now stuck in storage.

So, the breakdown and ongoing dynamics and structure of the Omnium can be seen as verified by the new Higgs data as the next level of physics beyond the unified three of the quantum, qlassical (GR), and the quasic. Of three things a forth is part of a totality, or n and n+1 things in such partonic round motion structures. That is the new physics also points to the five and greater prime physics- yet the work and experiments need to be done to bring such understanding and the utility of ideas down to earth.

I post today's vanishing Higgs snow ball with the idea that politically we have a push toward Globalization- let us say much like the logic of Global Warming mankind centered at that. I mean, this idea from the left is as bad as from the right for science shared by greedy humans and their "nature". It remains a pseudo-science and pseudo-logic (after all is there motions of cycles or lines only?) Maybe the only useful meaning and information of existences is what is read between the initiator and terminators of the cosmic codons of the world. Reality seems to slowly dawn and slowly fade and we only see spurts or jumps of the motion of the moon or change in the amount of starlight. The push toward globalization is such that we in this town allow so many foreign students (only a small part of them, 243, are for foreign exchange) and it is said it brings 5 million dollars into our local economy. This is a pseudo-economics without the understand of how much more the consequences are for the community and nation of excluding our own people for the sake of short range profits, the vast dark profits as a consequence of war and loss of a state's place in the lead of technology and not he diminishing reward of the exporting of teaching. In particular for all the cry for diversity and economic opportunity for some in name only hurt by globalization- why is it that they taught pilots from states posing as students just to fly, just before 911 when they all vanished. There could have been 16 such crashes if some were not caught. Now I ask, for a 5 billion dollar gain for the admissions how much have we as citizens paid out in the war, in Iraq alone a trillion dollars? It is no wonder the usa and the industrialized nations are behind in engineering and losing population. Science programs as well as the arts will become more like an era of unrestrained adolescence
and the worlds compressed population vanishes like a snowball in hell right before our eyes that grow cloudy.

And like the starving settlers at Jamestown who dug up the dead to eat, right in the river an abundance- new ideas are likewise full of disease and held back by ignorance.

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