Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Active and Passive Dark Space Structural Context

Active and Passive Dark Space Structural Context

L. Edgar Otto    09 October 2012

A couple of things at the foundations occur to me this morning.  For one thing the wonder way we can make analogies in the orthogons and anorthogons so as to break a power of two into two odd numbers as we go through the levels of quasic dimensions.

Another is the deeper nature of numbers themselves, with an emphasis on the quasi-infinite aspects which is a way of viewing things that would suggest say the slowing of light in the context as with Rio Frio and moreover the idea of some sort of black hole or void that is part of the structure as we try to investigate what happens at the limits from some point in the general idea of dimensional expansion.

Also, in teaching some simple things my son Bastian asked a question about the simple idea of the Pascal Triangle and analogs--- this lead to a series of subcell objects that may be a coherent context in two ways as with the analogs to the Fibonacci numbers.  These "thermons" so to speak can be interpreted so as post dynamic and non local inheritance in global intelligible structures.  But even the simplest dimension will existentially if it is to move abstractly leave a dark void that is not a mere complex space duplication.  A brane as a plane after such n dynamics cannot stereonomically exist beyond the time dynamic singly or in context but the context can exist globally as in parton models of proton structure. \

So we justify the foundations of asymptotic freedom yet establish a sort of dynamic asymptotic slavery.

What is the complex view and the idea of the exponential  that arises to these limits outward and inward in a neutral boundary of a space structure but the idea of amplification in the chaos of deep complex space of which that mathematics leads us to interpretations such as the relativistic axioms and the intelligible final computation of some quantum path integration of greater possibilities?

This form of seeing space I style Eryl or Erylyrae space in my poetic mythology and it involves the idea of condensing or flangelation as if at such a surface if thought reached there is no depth beyond the limit of the finite but boundless n in some function or arithmetical computation.  I do not know if this somehow is a standard view as a conceptual mechanism I did not grasp or is only partially so by those in the field.

Part of this idea may have come from the merging of the paint, pixel, and vector graphic programs of which it is a punctuated learning curve.  The hole we leave makes sense as a fractional value of what in reality is a duality of fractional charges if we allow all forms of folding and looping and concepts like expansion.  For in the general stereonometry each dimension has its perpendicularity to many global directions and no direction of which the holes implied can be active or passive as dark space...

But if we are to apply such simple arithmetic to quantum computation we should understand these deeper aspects of space and number, especially if we want to improve encryption,  The structure of Chinese or Japanese rather than a backward language method will prove superior in a larger context to which these can address things much better in global stereonomic pictures of higher and more coherent awareness of phenomena expressed in our brain symmetry.

Clearly, in the neoteric era of physics it takes such a leap and strengthening of brain connections to see where we need to shore up and find a more sensible ground for quantum physics.

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