Friday, October 5, 2012

Mr. Tompkins and Sheldon Race Mountain Bikes in New Wonderland

Mr. Tompkins and Sheldon Race Mountain Bikes in New Wonderland

L. Edgar Otto   October 05, 2012


Ms. Money Penny felt she had an insight into the secrets inside the company in her friend, a man of secrets so felt some connection to him, having met him in a hidden social space that he could bond with her or give her advice on her problems and daydreams of love.  But secrets are breadcrumbs the masses glean or sweep away or the scavengers greedily seek out to buy and sell for their own.

Without their cloaks of near invisibility, leaks were not perfect and privacy not to be perfect only painted over with the razzle dazzle or camouflage of disinformation to the masses and bluffs between governments, even trusted friends if it comes down to it... the agency for this man of secrets was as always a target for God and Country for the curious that all were something special or so imagined in the bare nakedness of the ordinary.

She had expected agent 99 balloons to walk through the rabbit hole disguised as a door which she always saw as a magical door, the event not announced seem to have a white rabbit urgency of time when it happened yet she tried to keep up running faster and faster but going no where, fixed in place and now taking a rest for personal relaxation.

She felt it routine now when they came through that hidden basement door down from the kiosk where Double Naught came for new assignments and debriefings with his liscence to kill or explore diverse theories or other experiements in the field as if he were one of the Time Lords.

His shallow flirting appealed to her, his trying to impress her tossing the wingless elementary deduction flying saucer Higgs hat toward the hat rack with unnatural dead Zen-like aim cloaked the inner chemistry of bonds in false vacuums as if nothing left deeper in the stringy emptiness of the love and brains beneath it against the sun on a day not of intermittent wind.  She loved his complexity as well his Einsteinian sensitivity to simple puns of imagination that aims for the heart of the matter.

But Sheldon came through the door so she asked him, so rare she got to talk to sisters in the agency about personal and social things if she dated Leonard would it work as he was so wise and she so ordinary.

After awhile Sheldon began again to teach her a little something about quantum physics, starting with it all began in ancient Greece.  To finally answer her he told her about Schrodinger's cat- how we do not know if their relationship would work out for that cat before the fact of seeing it with its vile of poison and equal chance was alive or dead so in some sense as if it were alive and dead at the same time-  not to mention that looking at it may change the outcome maybe in the past as well as in some future.

"Oh Shelly, I heard Mr. Tompkins just the other day at the pub talking to  professor Gamow and Hoyle engaged in hotter place debates say: 'increases, decreases, who cares what the hell the entropy does?' ".

* * * * *

To be continued...  Mr. Tompkins and Seldon racing up and down the potential wells on mountian bikes in New Wonderland to see how the world looks and how things behave at the speed of light but in the scenario of old and new theories of space as reference frames as they descend into the black hole at the center of the galaxy in ever tighter orbits beyond the inverse square laws of universal theory...

"A we to imagine a sequel in parallel to old Alice and through the Looking Glass in our day. Professor Gamma?"

"Well, it seems the same old limitations of plots and auras, I mean, what fades or what persists and holds together, a creation self created but no Diety implied to hold it so--- as you no doubt prefer as real and the rules of Hoyle that the creativity is in the dust and in us."

"We agree then the scope of science is all there is of an intelligent design for explanations or if it is more then that outside the scope of our postulates and enquiry."

"There is the matter of dark matter and this business of strings and branes, the half alive and half dead only game in town as so many take chances for their careers,
another depth to defining our genes and matter it seems. If of what is we know its extent but not its what it is fundamentally."

"Inside the spacious strings is the mechanism of sequels in the fine tuning against some wall of perfection, the absurd wall or sphere of the sun or of the depths of black holes as we spiral down our obits oblivious to the stable ones of Newton or he shifts and slides where light and Planck s sequel little devil of action rules as a sequel- How is it by the way although our goal of dreams is the same in this abstract wonderland we cannot come together in one description of the whole as if we war like competing gods?"

"These strings are stars and black holes, the stuff of the entropy and the dream we have of bonds some enamored of sacred geometry that it remains mystical as well as a model of falsifiable scientific systems, the quantum that debates what is thermodynamic synchronicity in the remote ideas of entanglement and ESP." 

You see, as such these are the general mass energy emitters and at that unified place the entropy eaters that in the combined design and structure explain how the galactic center eats the momentum beyond the natural flow so to spiral down yet by the inverse distance stay on the ground the first power as two or the transfer of things at a distance within such horizons and their leaking to the world or to some other place, God in the metaphor and at face value to be taken as super dark matter existentially at least in the reality, the Omnium where light seems to change in time and time itself builds and leaps and flows."

 "I wonder then if other powers of two or other such foundational numbers such as Mersenes applies in the idea of what is primal physics?  Or those of the surreal numbers where all such theories are alike and in the deeps and deep links in the exploring of new levels of structures we see as nature does in her dimensions and note in the clarity and transparency how nature builds and how she gets beyond her self limitations."

* * *

In New Zealand the wool is shipped to machine and pattern rugs, for those who can afford them, to compete in the trade as the women weave in Afghanistan and the market shifts to Turkey or Iran.  We strive to draw Inside the Lines or just make a stroke or dab of paint to make a schematic unto some resolution of the landscape, note colors that arise by proximity not occurring in the reflective rainbow of the dyes, and the earth itself warms thus, the economy goes chaotic, and life stands firmer in the sense and flow of time as well into the potentiality of our eyes upon the heavens...

* * * * *

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