Friday, October 19, 2012

The Source of Light

The Source of Light

L. Edgar Otto   October 19, 2012

Not much to say today, other projects on my mind.  I made this illustration to remind me to look a little deeper into this area of physics.  I found Lubos post interesting regarding information and the "not quite emptiness of black holes" -  Glad he is finally coming around to this are of theory... of all the idea, and he does recognize if some physics concept is true it would be "interesting."  But can the more unified theory in this generation of games and the source code have depth more than the 256 Pokemon creatures and the matrices involved in the design?  Do we not need more critical and interesting analysis of such code design considering as we are deep into the dependance on the virtual world to the point the entire structure and finances, and effects in the real world is said to be very vulnerable?

Of course there are many things in the  metaphor of black holes and the like of creative objects that has to resolve to the nature of the surface or skin-  I have been meaning to develop a series of poems- I mean why do some cut themselves?  What is the permanence and depth of tattoos?  In that surface a lot happens as if the thin but wide and finely balanced atmosphere- the dynamics of the weather, the consideration of what we think of as that breath somewhere between the scale and vanishing of things and bare charge.

Politics, not much really need there to impede science but this is an era of fundamental debate and the world we are reminded is not that far from naive fears of duck and cover, and the occluded fronts that sacrifice millions.  While we need peacemakers, we need to understand what the average soul expects in life and its security and freedom to bring a better world for its children...I post a trial video hopefully here (all of you would do well to keep faith in Google)- but I have long thought for now we are safer away from the banks and the grid until these problems are solved.  I am not impressed with the claimed status of veterans helpers by either party.  In some logical cases the ticket cannot even be logically split.  That said I doubt the analyzers would understand why or how from a distant perspective they greatly lack, I so plan to split the ticket with who on the surface of it are in conflict.

I would refer to a manuscript- as many things not existing in the internet days- my first attempts at this problem of the source of light and human understanding as the title goes- if I can ever have access to what few paper things of my early work survived.  To survive such discouragement by writing again after great losses and after doing so a few time already while on a journey did not seem an optimistic enquirey for me but it does seem it surpassed myself that the passing of lost libraries of Alexandria does not sting as much.  But I have to deal with those who seek me out that they look back and ponder what I did and said and that perhaps they may fall in love with me again-  but damn, the video, Mr Congressman, well, I look so bad or are my admirers fogged in eyes too-  in any case I did inspire the to write again.

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I have to research how to put up the videos some things have changed... sorry.

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