Monday, October 22, 2012

Cultural Fundamentalist Linguistic Conjectures

Cultural Fundamentalist Linguistic Conjectures

L. Edgar Otto  22 October 2012

Let us Pray for Syria...

Poetry as with the symmetric repeating of abstract motions,  the sense of truth and certainty in rhyme, the expectations of prediction and prophesy.... to a great extent this revolves around our evolving blueprints of language.  It is a cultural glue in itself as well its relationship to what is the stated ideas of religions.

In the relevant meanings between words so organized for example in the Semitic languages, as with the deep structural meanings of the tones in Chinese, we find suggestive parallels that at this foundational level focus in a few words the meaning as does poetry.

Conflict can often achieve the opposite of its aims, it can erase paths that merely imagine a time of greater power and security as the new rebirth of an old idea.   What then is the root word for peace, security, and safety of which we may expect with a sense of freedom from the winds of history to have the cost of living not be the cost of life itself.  Our children hostage for experiments, and our lives a price to pay for war that may in houses divided against themselves contribute to a fall?

What in the Arab Spring or the Polarization of the elections in the united states, especially from the fundamentalist religious right, but the same paradoxes and contradictions for issues of safety, peace, and to make a poetic link  National Security.  What guarantees peace short of war if we cannot have at least civil dialog?

My poet friend from the Island (the Arabian Peninsula) writes what seems foreign to me of the sensitivity to what is hidden in a language-   and in the old saying I presume : "If you speak the word it shall own you, and if you don't you shall own it."   Some magic in words still haunt us as if alive, or in actually we the image of what makes them alive.

In the higher mathematics of the foundations, a more mathematical approach to intuitions, the avowed aim of
science being explicit and open all happens in a breath or spirit between the various levels or reductions of a geometry.  The language colors our visions and understanding of cosmology.  It acts in much the same form as to the prediction in disciplines of thought and our immunity derived from the laws of viruses - all of which we should begin to explore and apply on the next level of understanding.

I have raised rather ancient ideas such as the gender of number... it is a coincidence perhaps that the alphabet, the second most used in the world, for Arabs is 14 moon and 14 sun letters- but we read these in a different way than Europe... this means we have across the diagonal of the Quasic grid a mirror order just as with the symbol of  the yin yang we have the S and Z symmetry in the balance.  I imagine further as there are differences across the main diagonal in the reading that the 28 surround the dynamic 36 of Otto-Conway matrices for the 64 things involved.  What is hidden but we own, or are, or believe, or have in learning and what is intuited and able to meet many contingencies of contamination on the run, the asymmetry over all the group transformations and issues of collective perceived mirrors, well let us not speak or write the name of such a Deity is our first rule as if by magic as usual a different perspective may claim the worship of an unknown god.

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