Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How Relative is the Persistence that Grounds Our Memories

How Relative is the Persistence that Grounds Our Memories

L. Edgar Otto   10 October 2012

Today is still in a period of slow creation of theories- I was thinking, if inheritance means anything in the scheme of development including of social systems this generation is too much afraid of what may be that hidden link of which we share tendencies of disease.  I am simply amazed at the conclusions those of this generation and of my children in particular have where the memories do not quite match or have gone into a different direction.  The depth and nature of our memories, the uniqueness as an absolute and not just a personal or species specific centering of view surely is much more complicated than existing ideas as to on what level we are to understand memory- or for that matter the mechanism of time.  All I can say is that I have tried to write accurate records when I could and come later disputes things do seem to conform closer to the way I recall things so I know my memory is rather sound- yet on the higher levels due to diet or distraction not always accessible although it returns in good times implying it does not exactly vanish.

Anyway, I offer some digital art being frustrated lately with the whole enterprise of the web and the ways we handing the types of digital picture information.  In a sense all out there could happen or be contained in one very large private computer- what do the links give us but the learning curve for different or deliberately different evolution paths of memory?  What so delays the technology or has the old stuff sell before some new temptation is there of which this generation regards as the advanced and the norm?  So, in all the areas offered, that relating to bundling the phone, the computer, the telephone which one to choose?  Perhaps none, for clearly if we look at the foundations we can just as well develop new ways of technology from scratch- for example the free access to electricity and its transmission not by some wire or some range of frequencies- or perhaps something along the lines of quantum effects (short of any possible extrasensory entanglements)  I mean radio as such is not obsolete.  This comes at a time when I have found in the pc world new photo software although my paint programs , that pixel vs the vector thing, that iphone app thing and so on, are more rapid but can merge and borrow from both graphic directions.  So I offer some picture thoughts today which I almost feel is art after all- art with a message or theory- for in theory why could we not erase the distinction between a photo and a drawing as if in theory any picture or say a face could not be duplicated anew, as new as say animals that never evolved to become extinct if we also can understand the higher level of such things as palettes color...  How might we unify such pictures and truly know what the big picture means.  From this view we might ask indeed what is a still higher nature of consciousness or things like the self...  but in this time I kick ass and make the chess program act as if an idiot if one can have pleasure beating a mere programmed machine.  A sort of measure of  the intensity of my creative and mental health I suppose  Also I  am making progress on my American Album.

 This Illustration I looked for and encountered before hand means the:

Creative hidden life force through the concrete desert over the grid of dimensional linearity the crack or shock between them to exchange or replace code then fooling the new cell it is fertile to make a clone.
That accomplished by a charge or shock between them so to merge--- all the stuff that as close to the foundations will be the sure guesses of our nobel prize awards.  Note the crack not as linear and note the green things from the depths or even the chaos that paint upon the clear material world...

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