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State of the Vision of the Higgs Mechanism

State of the Vision of the Higgs Mechanism

L. Edgar Otto    12 October, 2012

Somewhere between theory and experiment the conception of the Higgs mechanism while it may not in principle, in physicality, shore up this peak into further physics to which we can explain anomalies is certainly worthy of a Nobel Prize for the evidence and focus to finer details of observation.  The may not limit us or shore up the standard theory nor verify our ideas related to Big Bang like cosmological models from physical observation where mass remains an added value, experimental at the foundations in which this insight was put forward and conceived.

So as a philosophy of science the object as real as anything in such abstractions may be said to be beyond falsification or verification, it thus remains in a shadow area between the metaphysics and the physics as does the power of our mathematical methods to date.  But this mathematics, as well our developed physical principles can be viewed in extensions and generalizations as analogs of intelligibility which of itself points to a new understanding and theoretical discovery we now loosely define as new physics. (That is in some sense not the more modern defining as classical physics plus our quantum issues of which lately speculation debates further what is chaos or free and what level there is of determinism in the uncertainty).

Our new or Neoteric physics we may now serious begin to ask with finer instruments and eyesight at least of shadows implied of mechanisms if in the wider picture there is anything when anomalies are resolved said truly new such as new ways to imagine symmetry operations if seen distinct than those that intelligibly follow logically from simpler physical systems

In particular, as I write this inspired by Gibb's article on the photon anomalies as bi-jets of photon- the speculation being this could indicate there can be Higgs with charges behind what is seen (and the question also of he brings up of possibilities of methods or errors in the apparatus, perhaps in the way we analyze or depend on the data, and obviously the likelihood involved of finding something reasonably there if they can be at some threshold of energy and technical design.)

I make no claims that I have followed nor understood in the proper depths these issues in the excitement or expectations of this certainly worthwhile search and breakthrough projects by our particle physicists, but from my view in other areas the simple diagrams certainly suggest to me my simple methods of seeing space and dimensions in what I held intuitively as a third physics view at least, the quasics. With this in mind I offer some speculations which I jotted down before the attempt to relate them to this issue at hand formally- the imagination, the philosophy, and before that the state of being sentient in our time the poem came first- but we can always give precedence to the music or the lyrics in our awakened to what inspires what in parallel, methods adaptable and a matter of taste.

I choose the name for this level of stereonometry, of relations in space from the Star Trek widely distributed term: "Subspace".  Abbreviate it as SUSP for she is not quite SUSY's sister, and not a bad penny that keeps coming back in some form where things change or surprisingly remain the same but she too is a "Hottie" as surely as Lubos says she who will replace Penny on the sitcom  The Big Bang.  In the real world, and that concept to be further generalized and defined, for me a quasi-finite principle of universe, the Omnium, we consider the SUSP expressions a deeper understanding of differentiation and integration.

If we have two photon decay channels, something one might conclude from simple consideration of paths in four space as we naturally imagine and work with ill defined ideas of dimension, in what sense can we view these as equivalent or can we image these result at times into a SUSP breaking with energetic or material differences such that one may materialize with differences or even dominance.  This would be imagined yet could be quite hidden in the results after materialization, that is if we are to extend our mathematical methods- if in the philosophy they can be accessible while beyond physical experiment both in reasoning and the apparatus.

The subspace itself in descriptive relations could have a higher analog to the physics in terms of mechanism as a sort of absolute bound or ground as a higher principle of uncertainty, at least such a transitive concept applied to processes and objects.  The duality of wave and particle could be different in a hidden or dark analogy from this view at least a four way dialectic in channels of influence and materialization.  Over all integrated, and observable, space and quantum paths hidden ideas as if an analog to the concepts of tachyons could be asked and considered as a product of the development code and structure of being which meet as conjugate to any concept of unity.

This could also be but the beginning of the asymmetry across the matrices, and the arithmetical almost magic square differences of which even more than a bi jet is possible from the locus of Higgs-like creative entities.

Much can be said for simple space representations such as the idea that a dodecahedron can be seen as two cubes of six faces, thus the four space count of cubes in a cube- or for the icosahedral symmetry perhaps as intuited by Rowland et al the embedding of ten faced deltahedra with the obvious applications to alternative DNA structure.  We also see in the obvious simple count of such structures that nevertheless escape us or seem a solid foundation, as well with simple integers, intelligible relations that can involve simple number theory formulas, a rather synthetic thing like the computation of Fuller's geodesic dome and atomic relation to four space phenomenology with the transcendental defects of measure, with the reality of what happens when things collide in normal space, higher space in the sense of touch around us but directly excluded.

If then we are at this subspace, could experience it as surely as we are not really sure what happens to the quantum cat or what we see falling into a black hole, in the process these differences in photons or objects that resolve into equivalence of product at our familiar and absolute view of foundations globally, then if the universe is in a sense an exhibition of this mechanism we can explain locally why there seems to be differences and differences in directions and development, why in a pristine theory we can find the reality of disconnected chaos or from a general model I have styled Transcontinuum, the irreversible processes beyond the usual continuum, the universe has place of isolated phenomena and its complexity better explained.

In this sense, if the world can be explained as complete or tending to completion of what we see, and the mechanism transitive over the structures in the quasi unity of the Omnium, somewhere between the physics and metaphysics falls the stereonomic reality then such an omnic model at some event quasi random can exist inside the same omnic model as a particle or other system until who knows when if we can ask whence came the universe or where and when its being may begin or be expended.

In particular our ideas, as a principle less metaphysical than our conception of what if finite or infinite at the foundations involving charge as a physical concept or as in Rowlands involving chirality, we need a new higher and neoteric definition or understanding of these analogs we have designated when physics is primary over the math by our methods and sensible idea of the grounding as real. Or might we awaken to a whole new idea of what say charge is, certainly a more versatile one.  This to for our ideas of entropy and time, where they are mysterious but no longer principles simply as statements of philosophy.  Ideas of gravity do not simply die and go away in the growth of our science yet are quantum cat like as is the quantum theory itself if we but admit these need some reforming.

* * * * * * *

I add that these views can be very promising when applied to such a susposon SUSP where the subspace involves a wider conception of forms of entanglement.  I write this the next day and also develop the analog of skin as boundary for poetry themes- when I have time to post further...

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