Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Phoenician Transformation

The Phoenician Transformation

L. Edgar Otto        23 October 2012

New ideas outside the frontier of anomalies of which it takes a lot of evaluation to decide to include the theories into the body of science have to go somewhere relative to the wide open schemes of the universe.

The diagrams above, illustrate such a theory to which many such theories based on the quasifinitude of our representation of words as alphabets reflect the parallel geometry of universal and specific cultures.

In the 28 (as say opposed to the ideas of the Greek or Hebrew hidden grounding of an alphabet all within a range of so many letters) we have part of the quasic grid outside the Otto-Conway matrix of 36 as if that acts within a breath or surface contained but dynamic, knot like in its structure.  In a sense this stands to the continuum idea of Einstein as if when things are adequately reversed we derive the modular ideas and the corresponding by doubling or halving across the quasic main diagonal.  But both of these geometries may exist by themselves as if a total theory.

It is expecially interesting in the remote regions what happens if we read the symmetries in reverse as if reading letters in reverse order of up and down and right and left.  We get a certain sense of perpendicular transformation as with the internal and external surfaces of a hypercube smashed into three space. 

In the remote region for both the hyperbolic modular and elliptical geometries at the remote we can ask at what point does the chirality change, in a sense in the remote we unify the topology of one and dual sided objects again that does not forever inflate to a split in directions.

As with the Chinese, the original attempt was the representation of words by a picture, so too the Egyptian letters that reduced to the grounding Phonetician of which in one direction from it we find the Latin and Greek and in the other Direction the varieties of Semite scripts.  All of this on the quasic I ching like concept of code as to the binary aspects of the quasic grid.  The north south differences arise from the more isolated and religiously strict less diverse culture of Etruscans, we think.  But in any case the milk drinkers at one time or the other held sway as conquers with their more developed weapons and languages, the Turks, the Caucasians, and the Mongols.

From this view, in that language is a variable but universal grounding in the branches of humanity, we find over the world a common theme of civilization and places where even our perception of the religions meet on the same ethical and moral principles that fit into the physics of this world.

Is it that far fetched that the leaf like paisley symbols, after all the extra compact time like spaces are implied in their Whitehead like orbits remind us of the yin and yang and what happens if we try to reverse this and that a metaphor for non-conservation of chirality?

Now it seems this can be seen as but an art or as a game, but where the essential sun and moon difference has influenced the astronomy and calendars of humanity we can artfully look inside a surface or atmosphere or circle say to resolve by art to some extent what of the Doppler shift seems not to tell us about the structure of our milky way in the confusion.  But the principles are universal to so reflect this bulge and nucleus inside our sun's orbit.  With that of course can can expect that in the evolution of galaxy's the bar can rotate the opposite way.

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