Sunday, October 21, 2012

Skin and Scars

Skin and Scars 

(Rare and Surprising Returning Thoughts of You in Latter Days of Shadows, Love Echoed between Ghosts)

(Can Our Scars Never Felt in Lost Time be Forgotten)

L. Edgar Otto     21 October, 2012

Your dreams are wider than you can contain
   a failed galaxy out of the mainstream of changing stars
Virtual worlds but pale shadows, full of colours and
   specters between the scrambling, receptive to alien forms
Inhaled in the name of balancing spirits an new birth
   of forgetfulness, only in time the darkness returns, realigns

What is to you a prison or trap, a precipice unto freedom
   or false freedom jumping into the river of time blind,
Some reveling as if this one and only love and moment your heart's ground
   entertainment, waters not probed deeply of others or your own
Beyond touch what you image of their thoughts, you walled in your
   privacy and guilty pleasures for release of spirits within
The razor and pass thru the frozen valleys flows the blood
  that peacefully we sleep, save the one sane moments when we touch

Can you not see, too late if we are honest
   the best of my songs were about you and not me
Now that you have felt the quiet again, chosen not to speak so not to join the flood of words where on the tightrope you balanced between those who make no sense between awake and dreams, to insure your being kneeling before the fall  recalled and felt the quiet and silence, survived the ordeal, the risky brittle quenching at the metals fall that made your strong

If in matters of Love, its truths and myths, its higher reality
  of oneness and measure in the stratosphere wisdom is enough

We in latter days share in solitude every hearts loneliness

While the walls quell the fire, his blood and slight of hand
   mixed with yours, tainted yet not contagious the sandman's putrid sand

Still inside you this closure in all directions so long to heal a 
   stipped mine pock mark pot holes left come night Bespectacled milky skin, cannot allow and risk as time itself  
   forbids, a new awakening of from the deep longing in your womb, new life unmarred and whole in its beginnings

Love, its reality and unreality cannot compete with such dreaming left then a dull insensitivity our now gray sense of it and the world

Nor any hope so believed of fanciful faith beyond this world's time
   nor even that once I loved you so much, Love itself my sacrifice and left a beastly mark where I had to let you go...

* * * *

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