Thursday, October 11, 2012

Correction with better Light, Fanatasy Topology Art

Correction with better Light, Fanatasy Topology Art

L. Edgar Otto    October 11, 2012

Looking beyond limitless infinity or beneath absolute zero, defining both infinite and absolute, across the diagonal of the quasic grid (and the numbers still have to be adjusted) or the obvious arithmetic of Pascal's triangle the Fibonacci analogs read two ways such that a difference exists at 2+1 to the nth across the verticle of the triangle which defines locally at least asymmetrical differences.  So, how do we resolve the philosophy of limits or that of induction or for that matter where the continuum hypothesis might fit in into a more general conception of space and time?

The art is playing with vector and pc pixel graphics with paint... somewhere in between.

Zelphia the name of a couple of generations back Cherokee lady on the maternal line- also Minnie Belle and other things on the net of given family history I did not know the details of...  and the Otto  Gustave who made the Mercedes ( I thought I might have miscounted a couple of generations- in any case Nicholas August of the Otto Cycle was more a dreamer or theoretician and yet is more famous than his son...)

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