Thursday, October 4, 2012

Enumerating and Classifying Regular Super Polytopes

Enumerating and Classifying Regular Super Polytopes
L. Edgar Otto     October  4, 2012

 Again I am behind on posting text and illustrations but this would have been the topic today concerning the higher orders beyond our standard n-dimensional polytopes which turn out to be regular objects and which can have a physical effect as if symmetry were not complicated enough.
The first such types is that of the fractal like things of quasic things in similar things, the next one I discovered in 68 was the eight dimensional cube embedded in that of one of four space.  And so on-  but to list them now would take a whole new branch of geometry and days of work...

Still, I will be back to this page sometimes soon with some of the grounding math and principles.  This relates to other such questions of consciousness, biological processes, that outside the normal or paranormal as an accepted realm of science, semiotics of symbols so manipulated on this higher and not necessarily invisible or unreachable emergent level of reality and imagination.

So, can the mind move an object by will or "the force"?  Perhaps so either directly or indirectly if we can keep it still and move it into higher space as if we move the whole of the universe.

Comment to Pitkanen on PK:

If the universe is in some sense an experiment - say the God of Depraka is in his laboratory of nanotech...

Now what questions about negative values realized or those of the mind that can show an effect from us seeing things in the laboratory of this experimenter?  Then, the theories we create and believe of what we see of the universe is how the universe comes out...and we know no difference.

So the article yesterday that we can peak into the box to see the state of the quantum cat (as if a higher tunneling through its grin maybe) and find it alive or dead without disturbing it or the quantum state...  What does the cat see and can it change the outcome even with all possible time and path directions by thought?

In the multilayered TGD world it is clear that this sort of math and physics might solve things where we see but shadows of a multilayered action system.

How then do we connect and with what sort of quasi tangible reality are we outside a system that exists or not materially.

These higher order thoughts on the paranormal if they are to be understood need deeper and more foundational levels of theory- or the application of existing theories including our own.


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