Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Metaphysics of Diversity (and 24-cell invariance)

The Metaphysics of Diversity

L. Edgar Otto   16 October, 2012

In a world perceived through the glasses of not establishing the ground of the idea of similarity the application of ideas of diversity as a cultural or racial philosophy is at best a chaos of contradiction which does not guarantee expected outcomes of risks and benefits when broken agendas are attempted in the design of human social Projects and evolution.  Without objective grounds, intuitions founded on this principle with perhaps the evidence of biology and history amounts in effect to wishful and brittle ideology.

The see through mirror of enquiry and analysis works both ways to he observed and he doing the observation although there are hidden differences of which either side of such debates may not be aware overtly... this as metaphysics but from the greater mirror of a more unified physics, invisible to those who have not climbed the actual learning curve of speculation and fact, invisible to themselves and others so naturally or deliberately ignored, even the fact of living as part of this world not as certain in the order as say money and armament for all practical purposes non-existent, or what may become existent curbed or culled as that, like the reality beyond symbols of the dead, not part of actuality.  Such implication of policy can be judged as moral only from the viewpoint as if by some God outside the human environs of material and subjective design, not to say outside of reason necessarily, but who can judge that?  Who in comparison to others or for that matter the physical and metaphysical grounding of what makes the fact of a self?

Can a chemical, a medicine that in some cases is a band aid to certain disruption of clear vision and engagement with the world, the threat to survival itself the issue, and to security of the individual and society but such aids not available to all who really need them, act in the depths of the mathematical structures of physics and not only the technology of the cure of symptoms in the shallowness of partial surface mathematics?  Is the experimented upon and drugged individual really himself or some sort of alien automaton that is either contained as asleep or partially seeming near his or an average true being - so as to conform rather than be judged on the grounds of utility or benefit of diversity to individuals and society?  Are any of these expedient alternative selves viable of the possibilities of the unified self as authentic and one of parallel wholes?

The "Quasic Teleoscoping" or the higher symmetries of paths and wholes and where they default or short circuit in the evolving themes grounded or divided by these hidden elements of subspace and grounding the diversity in the general symmetries at and on either side of a mirror when it is a matter of entropy concerns, is not biased over vast regions of order short of the state of things into crystallization for on the surface level paths are not symmetrically reversible even if the isolated elements undergo the reversal of directions of the field to try to unmix them- if we are not at least generally aware of tendencies and unified directions if possible as virulent or innocuous the multi mirrored model. 

With higher Multi-symmetry can we not ground entropy beyond supposed initial and final states resetting the dynamics of time itself unto the present much like in the seemingly more complex world of cell biology and even more diverse world in potentials of mental phenomena- that which possibly as a reality our belief so limits or resets life and life span experienced and made actual as aging, that is in this higher sense of physics is the idea of accumulation of errors of depth when physical evolving and errors may correspond directly or not in its evolution?

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The Quasinifinite Magic of the 24-cell Hidden Neutral Symmetries

This writing reaches to a theme, a difficult work to do that in the first explorations and direction of it ideas are but a fishing in free association and even done with reluctance and no hope intuitively sound as to the results of the enquiry at hand.  I have tried to express the physics of the ideas and my first impulse is to simply post a picture- one I am not sure that another soul will see although eventually a mere and summarized information in a drawing could be decoded... or related to say the idea of why there are Diphoton anomalies or other such anomalies that may or may not be a warning or forewarning of a breakthrough into newer physics.  But for those who may be able to relate the parallels and so see the simple number 24 in all its guises in the Quasic field (the black dots) as neutral or hidden particles such as the Higgs idea and mechanism is a quasifinite invariant (of which well beyond the usual enumeration of groups analogous fact and physics apply to more dimensions than the symmetry as maximum is so imagined in space.

In this simple of all such higher spaces yet most complicated of at least our Euclidean aspects of groups if we are to insist on thinking of things as complex number and hypercomplex number spaces we have at the mirror of 24 vectors (that is in a rather Eddington-Boltzman sort of statistics) we can imagine in these deeper variant symmetries two distinct sets as if charged Higgs or better the delay of what we think of as orthogonal in the subspace difference between the electric and magnetic field on a photon the electric relativistically primary in motion as well as abstract quasic motion.  That as to the physical properties of such complimentary and mirrored coordinates and motion one quasic grid brane is the description as quaternions and the other (as to which is embedded in which is a point of view) the octonions.  Yet from the simple count of things we find the numbers match intelligibly as if to generalized the Otto-Conway matrix to millions more than expected dimensions of universes of discourse. 

Such deep yet simple connections occur earlier in the normal natural dimension of space, the possible 24 squares of 4 colors (3+1 and one can be seen in the illustration if we limit things to 2 space also) or the rigid rotations and the mirror of inversion of the 24 of a colored cube.  Such rotations in higher space analogs follow intelligibly in the counting also.

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