Monday, October 29, 2012

Gyre Gyri and Shadow Sulsi (Mapping Einstein's Brain)

Gyre Gyri and Shadow Sulsi (Mapping Einstein's Brain)

L. Edgar Otto    29 October, 2012

In the steady state evolving unto uniqueness, shared similarity does not necessarily mean all sentient creative things evolve or collapse into unity rather than unto transcending multiplicity of new state diversities.

This model fits better the grounding for evolving structure in galaxies dynamically (for example beyond the stereonometry of chirality as the foundational ground).  This as evidence for wider Phoenix physics phenomena at least in the distinct relatively unique observable world as we presently know it.  Such structures or patterns implied in mirror stereonometry can be quasifinitely consistent and intelligible.

Learning, adapting to a physical model, is also interplay with the unknown as a measure against the ground of ignorance.  This a little deeper in conception than the same concept interpreted as a quantum conclusion.

In the neurological evolution within relatively isolated quasifinite organisms, as with the geometrical stages of observed organ differentiation and processes there remains the open question if dedicated brain changes emerge co-evolving with attention and intention only by physical regions in communication and connectivity.

Politics dominates the direction of research by a general state of assertions and ignorance of what agenda seems made real worked in the dark.  Science should not be the author of deceptions claiming the very opposite of the results. But the balance of blind application of technology in a field where the physics is unknown (as in nuclear consequences or gene modification) could benefit from a general theory that holds a more general world view of these logical biological yet cosmic processes to insure against failure to correct what are the purposes in the promises of the said aims such as in cures.

Politically, in the rights not sequestered thus from the people as the masses the individuals involved should be apparent to anyone so as to hold them responsible for acts against humanity and natural law with the restraint of clarity open in enquiry as we make informed and hard decisions.

But this ideal of science can be a relative process of learning with hopes for a better time.

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