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Theoretical Landscapes of Quasifinite Brane-Strings

Theoretical Landscapes of Quasifinite Brane-Strings

L. Edgar Otto  October 3, 2012

For the technical aspects for this theme it involves what we may call a 4+1 or the essential number 5 in the computation a diagonal up from the main one (which in effect does rotate things like the Feynman graph) but in doing so it amounts to something a little more fundamental than simple duality say between the regular solids as operations go.  We also have the permutations of the base of numbers as if repeating units that color the general scope of objects and functions concerned as the mirroring is also to be symmetric a diagonal below the main one, when these are taken litterally.  We note also that in such computation the prime 89 of the Fibonacci sequence comes up again- something in the data of my illustrations design and general photos for the use as themes is in the relaxed detail of the drawings such as the circles in circles near the golden proportion or in the electron configuration magic numbers 2 6 10 14 as radii.  These act coherently as well as primes as I stated of my beastly prime idea and the universe as at least a material playground or that or nothingness is today for me a little more certain as real than an illusion.  But not only does this apply to cosmology but to various levels of biology in its long evolution to more complex relations of molecules and shells.  The obvious shell within shells of cells and flower, of incubation within a mother mammal and so on, the core of the a stereonomic or structural design of which the DNA is surrounded by the complexes that relate the RNA all rather like a centered atom with its own nucleus that is the mechanics of this general scheme of foundational design- perhaps so works our creative dreaming too, that things come around again poetically in that "the existence of the old grey mare and make the pink unicorn all the more real logically as well that usually said the other way around.

Note: a third illustration between the two above for some reason I did not copy to transfer so I will supply that later...

Lubos yesterday posted an interesting article concerning the stability of the region where the Higgs is located more or less and I replied to  the blogger who commented upon this:

Clearly there is something strange about the top quark- that is it is as if there are only 5 quarks which makes some sense as the icosahedral roots of the fifth order equations (so beyond our quaint Euclidean ideas of ten dimensions) we have to dig a little deeper in the symmetry. What this means is that if the quark can be "unnaturally" near unity it is also in a sense at a zero or flat space. But what is unity in terms of fractional electric charge but a number problem and one of scale? There is more to it than ideas of stability- it is our foundational ideas of string and other theories that is the unnatural interpretation here. Hearing of the discovery of that quark I assumed I made a mistake- intuitively rather rare- only lately I realized what my concern was- and if this is an eight dimensional thing clearly there is the height of round things that fill the space of cube things and after all the higgs idea should be close to this natural dimensional equivalence- justified intuitively- it is a matter of seeing the world as a unified theory and it intelligible in the count of things that unifies first of all the ideas of the finite such as Klein and the continuous of Lie... The world is in that way quasifinite and combinationally dynamic.

L. Edgar Otto the PeSla pesla.blogspot com

It occurred to me quite at once upon awakening that some of the concerns with this sort of general stability had consequences... that and my strange treatment of combinations of simple digits... that and the concern of the Fibonacci prime ideas of Pitkanen... that and the ideas of Penrose on the nature of very special regions in the maps of what we consider the stance and unlikely but intelligible frame of regions of entropy... and so on.

A string, in its flat form at least is to be generalized and not just an imagined reduced and abstract object that contains no thickness... it can be zero or one or something in between.  In particular a quasic plane as a brane in its quasifinite count also has thickness as it is a diahedron structurally with an Euclidean height of One.  Let us not forget also the solidity of the world better grounded and the role ideas play like that of Kea that is not merely a shift of matrices and vague relativity's as essential issues of reference frames.

I also worked on what I thought was not too difficult a problem on the four space combo matrices of colors for the counting of how many by some method and what such combinations can be intelligibly generalized.  But the more I touch the arithmetic in detail the more the numbers seem to be those which so many of our theoreticians encounter and hold as if a clue or mystery to the physics of particles.  This theory in a sense is stability itself in the grounding as not metalanguage logical uncertainty, a more linear view in what seems a chaos or some state of non-linear interactions to which at the said place of the entropy of the moment, these string-branes as if the makers of mass and energy and the eaters of entropy like black holes and stars, the quasi fixed and quasi adaptable nature of the string-brain as a unified thus less abstract but more real concept to the point the Platonic idea of numbers can be generalized this way at one to the grounding of the universe as logically real after all and not just a simple illusion or perception.  There are some propositions if asked in a way that takes a higher view that can be provable after all within some system of (cosmic) totality.

Lubos today discusses things of which in the cumbersome superstring standard notation asks these essential questions of mass as interrelations of chiral objects (In Rowlands manner at the foundations really) but it too just as the reading of the direction of the genes one or two ways is quasi-stable as well as fixed and moving quasi-directional.  It is much more satisfying to have a deep grasp of the unity of these issues even if yes the theory can be simple as the article suggests from its pompousness... Let us not get lost in the strangeness of theory only to accept the weird in or out of the standard theories for to accept the common sense of the simplicity in the greater entropic regions of possibility is a harder way to do physics.

I find it very interesting how the physicists compete over these "toy theories of everything" and wonder while such brain power that is capable of awe and sensitive to discovery (such as Lubos) goes blind to those who would challenge the world views or the lineage or ownership-  All I can say is even I without a formal education suspect Lubos and others to take a very long time to catch up with me as I go forth without an idea just how long it is until the race stops although I am not in a race.  We risk being far from some stable region of entropy that seems so alien to others and so certain our own-   Thanks Lubos for showing me that some are bravely, humbly or with arrogance working, on some of the frontiers I faced long ago-- and thanks to the challenges of bloggers for the dialog that goads me, perhaps in dreams in the background, to take better leaps in soundness with what methods I understand as my own development to extend them as otherwise even with the night certain to follow us in this world I would rest upon like a turtle soaking up the sun.

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