Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gabriel's Telescope

Gabriel's Telescope

L. Edgar Otto   27 October, 2012

Physics done in isolation in the light of day like land snails or periwinkles, eyes on stalks, conserving moisture, we limpets waiting for the tide to return, and the coral multi worm ray one foots with or without a shell play private and shared dialog like the hermit crabs.

For the metaphor of Gabriel's horn named its amplification of the departed in their adjusting of the music and the frequencies from the beyond or hidden- or the spiritualists who make a megaphone in stages the material not important so to aid the sender and the perceiver pass a message

As in the science daily report the hermits gather having outgrown their shells to trade upward holding on as if a parade of elephants trunk to tail.  The theoreticians who remodel and decorate their home inside, even room for a thousand more eggs far from the hypersea.

So, all at once like the birth of the beginning of stars or bacterial that act like wires or phosphor glow at some threshold, synchronized lightning bugs all at once, all of them change, in a quasi-finite way, the next floor up to move into yet not accommodate an infinity of all. Yet the most grown one is vulnerable and left out as sometimes when we overreach our greed or gain management positions beyond our abilities we left with but the smallest shell and cannot return to the spirals preformed in the whelk or devil's purse egg case.

So too we reach points of nothing to say, but this not just the entropy or burn out or limit of our core abilities, nor of our homes- yet here I am again before the endless source after a mind map done naturally.  Despite time I have spent lately in the Arabic calligraphy I have used exotic script to hold abstract ideas, the Cherokee syllabary a symbol blank and now these in arrays, more arbitrary than our original picture or rebus signs- as with Yeats such gyres and automatic writing but a symbol, civilization preserved for the poems sake of its keys to comprehension, compressed meanings, sensible systems.

I came across of page of Pitkanen when some thought we saw the evidence of superlumenal light speed in neutrinos that I could take a look at the source code so as to see how such were made as templates or design for the blogs.  hammed had a great question and comment on Bohr and Bohm in these early interpretations as to their richness- but Pitkanen in his consideration and assertions of limitations in the physical world as well his system refrained from the tutorials in an original idea and text because he did not claim to have a measurement between the many sheets geometry.
Alas, I have questioned, quite independently of reading but in passing this article or hints of understanding it in depth that from a higher generalization we may not be able in the usual sense to so measure the effects, shadow effects really.
Yet, I sense it is possible if we go a little beyond the quantum view- at least to understand the next patterns for our physics.

It is certainly hard, even with dialog between the standard and alternative so called geniuses, or for that matter to determine more than negative propaganda whom is worthy of the name crackpot, that between them the structure of the bigger picture may not have a clear measure, yet, anyway.

Part of such general pictures do seem to be matters of coincidence and synchronicity, scientific certainty when it is there, that it is there, as intermittent in effects as perhaps the truly extra-sensory.  We only hope then that the sorting of all this out can be done as we as a species evolve better wisdom, if we can.  If by example, our idols only weeping and alive by faith, is it really enlightenment to trick them into belief- is that for the deceiver good for his own soul should the depths of this world in a higher sense be holy? But the issues is beyond the scope of current speculations wherein we find virtual or real identities somewhere between living things an machines.

We outgrow our faiths, perhaps our world, and still on the great horizon we are as if isolated monks or transistors with antennas dedicated to that if there but unknown- but at the bottom we must die alone, and yet even the hermit crabs join in rituals of the herd...still, no one has seen how such claws with soft bodies manage to open the coconuts much like the claims of early karate masters who could shred the them without cracking the shells.

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