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Generalized Quasic Multi-dimensional Rest Frames in the Firmament

Generalized Quasic Multi-dimensional Rest Frames in the Firmament

A philosophic interlude

L. Edgar Otto   15 October, 2012

In quasic space the abstract motions with regard to any dimension by be in motion with respect to a higher dimension and at rest in that dimension.  In view of the generalization into ideas of Subspace (SU for substance or sub or super) the question arises of further generalization where in the firmament the old paradoxes are again encountered at our insistence or attempts toward wider and more unified universal pictures. 

This in a sense after many such transcending encounters, after all a question at least fractal like in recursion or looping as if a rest or direction toward higher abstract motion, this feels like a principle or law of nature with ubiquity within and beyond spacetime and matter.

If the form of things, the interconnections and directionality of what amounts to even in the reduction logically of analogs into a hierarchy were exactly repeated or we were able to so extend the vision why could we not say in a given atom as if the echo or image of the SUSP model it is not equal to and similar or the same thing at some singularity as the universe?

In the process or mechanism as such singularities or material things resolve or evolve, as in the question of just where and when, on what scale we find the transition of state from our classical and quantum primary physics and this a problem we hold as a concern to answer, that quasication in a general manner is the measure or process that more foundationally defines our concept of mediator.

If in one sentient being the SUSP model is an analog to the relation between distinct individuals or systems then each as a point unique in color space dimensions may form a span that treats a more general cosmology as if a sociology and history of groups and trends we categorize and nations or regions of expressed distinctions as civilizations.

In the count of quasic regions we may also declare what fractional part hidden, the greater or lesser part as if a color or extension in a uniform and exclusive space as if a dark but transparent continuum that can be abstracted from the actuality or the empty as neutral when such focus of what grounds substance, for example the objective or subjective, as primary, or intrinsically invisible.

We also need to consider all this for clarity as to how time as physics and possibility relates to these ideas of neutral, empty, and transparency.

In the tower of continua we encounter in generalized rests or motion, actual and abstract, is there a certain unreality or non-reality as we can imagine it outside the continua of the firmament?

Such a non linking process could be put into the metaphor, or such a metaphor the origin of the depth and span of belief, or even as an actuality of the question if God transcends our selves but His image and can in this state of a philosophic continuum like speculation we transcend what seems or is godlike within us on a lower or equal level likewise?

God then while immediate, and logically capable of intervening at any point or path of natural space hierarchical and generalized or not as quasifinite, infinite, in abstract ideas akin to prime mover, we ask if He is beyond the Firmament or a quasinfinite realm that is non firmament- at which point the paradoxes of the metaphysical statement seems to resolve upon itself as if existence creates its non existence. 

But the general linking process could suggest as if an idea of moving an object (as TGD ponders PK in a recent Pitkanen post) the motion is not between that of the object still or the universe still as the other moves but takes place in a more general quasic idea of motions and resolutions that seems to have physical being or hints of it on the microscale.  In the widest sense the idea of our sentience as a mechanism so generalized and so represented in simple or complex data the idea of prayer as a connection to what we imagine as a Deity is scientifically reasonable as a possibility and gives further weight to the myths or truths of what intention means in matters of what we perceive or observe or influence as a viable philosophic  principle.

Where we can have several viable representations in simple quasic space for one unified organism, the many dimensions of color in the SUSP generalization is much wider and grounds the ways we imagine powers as dimension or the points in a simplex as dimensions of that point- we also see the ideas of maximum symmetry of systems as just those embedded in the higher symmetric system for these equivalent actualized forms have a wider range of viable permutations to make viable organic variations.

Sociologically, the simpler permutation set and set of representations may contain vast complexity of which what is the actuality, say of not directly seen wider grounds of belief is not explained by the direction of the parts and wholes as to what being of grounded depth and freedom is less or more developed at any equivalent general moment of supposed history.

While the count and permutation possibilities may certainly be extended or explained as recurrence or return by retraints the question is open as to if the general philosophic and scientific still creative system models can in still a wider sense be meaningfully further generalizes as ideal thought or as a possible new state of foundational reality.

I report that, from a grounding of a scientific stance, that these ideas as abstract as they seem, even as passionate despite appealing to reductionism, that my sense of self and purpose, and understanding of others and the world from a greater perspective is sounder with awareness less dependent on myth or what endowments or achievements of contemplation and speculation or even moments of fear or confusion we give into for some problem or model of what we expect from each other and ourselves.  But the higher wholesomeness of such thinking may or may not be more than a causal coincidence of finding the truths and points of view, a closure in part to personal events that were it not for a faith, or a faith as well in the sciences, I am sure most would agree what may be fragile in our minds would not have survived.

This objects at rest in some field like thing, some hidden effects that work in the paradoxes of primes and unity, where it is not rank metaphysics, is certainly worthy of the name stereonometry as we explore or evolve to the limits of our general sentience and personal learning.  It is quite amazing to see, in what are healthy people, some degree of their own awareness as sometimes on can benefit from the rare but advanced insights of the somewhat mentally out of sync.  That within our brains and reason is beyond the idea of pathways and certainly of chemicals indigenous or introduced... but such neutral elements are not visible so as to exist in the same way. 

Certainly the expression of multi-paths such as that of light, such as of hidden multi-square duality in ensembles with hidden differences or delays in the measurement could be reduced in the expression to some n jets although the greater number would be rarer over time and intensity of the physics of natural objects and our power of experiments.

* * * * *

If the Higgs has forms of charge these can suggest only those forms of charge and not an actual particle as if a neutral one in subspace nor one that can be observed in our space as neutral.  Yet in the hidden diphoton potential we have the differences in parity, as of matter and antimatter, where these are equivalent in our space as if neutral in the sense of the paradoxes of unity on itself, or unity as the product (omnium principle) of zero in a sense infinity, unity as a part of the idea of primes as a special case, sometimes itself a value needful to be zero as in 0! can equal zero that the sense of the equations work where unity would not.  So what is logically passive or in motion active, as well as with rest can be in some dualistic representations an effect as if only hidden in one but viable on the other side of abstract mirrors.

* * * *

 The next article on the level of group like theory a little further than the idea of strings as a simple reduction and the usual implications of this centered philosophy as usual involving limits and that exponential- that is a generalization of all such brane-string landscapes where the primitive idea of conscious adds complications to the arguments will involve the logic of entropy and diversity in the quasifinite universe. And will read more from a scientific and mathematical perspective with an illustration of begonias of varied colors and new principles applied or interpretations of some we regard now as sound.  That will be called the Metaphysics of Diversity in progress but short so far... 

* * * * *

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