Monday, October 29, 2012

Dynamic Ambiguity of Uniqueness in Actuality and Frontier Quantum Concepts

Dynamic Ambiguity of Uniqueness in Actuality and Frontier Quantum Concepts

L. Edgar Otto    October 29, 2012

On the frontier of speculation, of consciousness and questions of traditions in the spiritual realm we can expect speculative ideas that seems to adapt to fanciful as well as concrete phenomena in the belle portal nodes that mimic the structures and dynamics of brain matter.

In some ideas that are stated the ground of the universe as the second physics, the quantum view, at this frontier we can have intricate debates as to what is fanciful or what and why one side of the debate mirror as a universe of discourse may be blind by choice to the other side of such speculations- without awareness of it these philosophies are masked intentionally it seems, just as we weigh our dreams.

On such quantum principle is the idea of virtual particles and pathways and loops that although these can be unreal contribute to the physical properties of focused or collapsing matter, ideas of gravity, and of time.  In our understanding of the subjective models of our minds we hold at these spacious nodes of wide variations in the span of this frontier space contained we can regard the virtual particles so contained over a unique span as if our dreams.

But at a node when the conditions are right from the context of patterns and several directions, in parallel worlds and time in our perception and methods of binding and unification, it may be debatable as to which of our dreams have significance, which awake or asleep is the reality and which the phantom, which the general locations of higher patterns where the actual or chaotic may materialize the reality comes near to be the imaginary dream.

We the smallest part of a context have the freedom to move between such spacious nodes between the fanciful and the concrete, the age old debate about such dualism.
So while we can establish over a finite span or even extend it within that span we come again to the question of if the uniqueness of any system or art short of a total recurrence of all possible combinations (the world now mind you still beyond or still unclear in this advance speculative context that would be in principle phenomena perhaps independent of the concepts of mind) that such uniqueness as with a memory can be preserved after all.

This give some weight to various human scale phenomena of which a vast body of speculative literature has developed that concerns the romatic idea of angels, ghosts, and aliens and so on- all this also within a single mind that mimics at least a greater whole or reads from a lesser the influences that is the aura of effects over various chemicals.  But it also gives more status and weight to the principles of the quantum theory should these aspects of it be taken seriously.  Such a theory as with our age of the advance of technology and engineering of the effects of light as quanta certainly seems to reasonably reject other immediate dimensions of physics as but virtual shadows of the unreal.

Where decisions are made they persist in some form in the lineage or in a state past its civil wars and unification's as if these in a different synchronization of parallel times and this trend or teleoscope of history itself while the living and the passing on of traditions by replication are for all practical purposes the establishment and foundational grounding as proof of what is then the common sense real.

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