Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gabriel's Tele-O-scoping Principle

Gabriel's Tele-O-scoping Principle

L. Edgar Otto    28 October, 2012

Several general ideas on space and time, the overall context of universe, have come into better focus lately of which I casually write down my chance explorations in the realization that awakened to we test or impose patterns that work best if we know the difference of who or what the source.

Why would a photon packet of light move abstractly in the first place let alone questions of its color and source- as if some principle scribbled on the blackboard of space dusty lines of words in real time, perhaps as fast at the creator could speak- the soul in the vowels right and left handed and the important isolated, initial, medial, and final symbols after all. 

Each photon may steam in some preferred representational direction for in the heart of each is a source and these may loop in parallel or focus directions... this place or singularity may also be thought of as a general string in concept in a quasi static quasi finite universe where equations are reversed as well as irreversible that these as a metaphysical property can do so in the shadows.

The surface and volume of things, the holographic idea and quantized grounding colors in the context of reference frames, all this generalized if we dare to climb out of the sea, walk upright, and fly in our dreams like Icarus but not too close to the sun as we escape the flatland of multi branes that fold into the expanding and collapsing wormholes upon the wall and time cycles of its replication light as if history so integrated tachyon like in the teleoscope, dead reckoning Daedalus escaping the maze.

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 Note about Lubos post today in reference to Preons and Don Lincoln:
 Preons or Strings, my Lincoln or Motl should at least be considered in the complexities of space leading to the above... some of the posts or books you make seem very much restricted in imagination to the point, well, it misses the points in nature.  But your blind faith in the standard model and big bang makes a prison of lesser mathematics too.  And we thought the forum was going to be the best science forum on the web...

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