Friday, October 26, 2012

Blue Baby

Blue Baby

L. Edgar Otto   26 October, 2012

Between lesser gods, save in the beginnings
   in their hidden after world their common heart is torn apart

Who is the sister, big and vanished Little Brother no
   line descendent, our name, our own child some think?

All these years in human worship leaving flowers
    at your grave, my own sister broken not as brave

The barnacle worms like the the storms undermine the piers
   at the sea shore by the hollowed land, burn cabins of his birth

From such cloaks known not what they've done and
   without guilt turned the stranded sea horses from the steam, echos, hollowed seashells

As if upon the sea of ashes they surf the time,
    scavenger gulls like guardian angels beyond forgiveness

O my ghostly lady safe in your private thoughts alone
   before his headstone, virgin pure, between gods the intercessor

Building with soft propolis and crystal comb an earthly metropolis
     that between all souls and those who hear the horn bonds endure

If in his wound wrought by mindless sin the idol as
   all conch shells blown and stolen, left before you the rusty screw

His heart incomplete, returned to reptile its three-chambered form
   beyond what mundane or sacred, the monument speaks
   of all Phoenix rise
While all flowers breathe, pass on the dreams, ephemeral.

* * * *     * * *

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