Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wu Li and the Direction of Neoteric (beyond "New" ) Physics

Wu Li and the Direction of Neoteric (beyond "New" ) Physics

L. Edgar Otto   07 October 2012 

I caught a lecture on an obscure radio local channel this Sunday morning during the Packer's football game that concerned the term "new physics" and the concepts of the Chinese word for physics and related concepts (such as enlightenment) of which I want to express that my use of the term may not be in the same sense the usual theoreticians use it.  It is physics that includes the quantum theory but for me it goes a little beyond it- physics in the West being less zen like or poetic and more attached from the awe of poetry and first impressions reborn at any beginnings before the reductionist descent into technology for its own sake- I now choose the term Neoteric Physics.  As this goes beyond the postmodern and the WuLi conceptions, properly a third stance or a third physics it reaches at the heart of foundations and what the phenomenon or reality of our consciousness is... My merging of the arts and sciences was a thought original it seemed to my own... If I could interview myself as a poet the awakening and capturing of the patterns of this awe would be the discovery of what is in us all and what over a lifetime some dedicated to with passion. It is also the various forms that bond us to each other of which beyond ideas of emergence or distance the grounding reality of the living at least is the abstraction we all understand in the simple terms of any art of that mysterious as truly hidden we call Love.  How absurd it also seems that I would consider wooing LiLi... for love is part of the ambiance that make the music and world work... yet with respect between us and a less tearing down of each others creative originality to my theoretical friends there are problems to be solved and new worlds to awaken to as we globally ride the shock-wave of our originality and understand the organic and shared realities of natural desire.

Perhaps we should interview Dawkins again, I can imagine a sci fi where he interpolates so clones in the gene code the missing link between modern humans and earlier primates... Imagine if the creature that so matures comes out and appears like Mr. Dawkings himself.

My ideas here for micro time travel so to speak are our new ability to in some sense see into the clockwork (not like Feynman who imagines it a deep and unreachable mystery of which we describe the process but as scientists do not say we are really explorers in theory of the unknown.  In the micro cloning on each individual cell in an organism we have a certain directionality or asymptotic direction as what is spacious in the world expands that the distance is more vacuum than matter-energy (that is Wu) to the general pattern until it reaches the foundations like the strings or the nothingness, supposedly.  Beyond this is the answer and deeper question of where physics as such is involved by scale.

We can be one with the poetry of life, and we can be one with those who think they have the only right to set the evolution of life and who to live or die at a distance as the reality unrestrained of their philosophies and who unlike the Wu Li masters impose rather than lead out the learning so as to keep them blind to said expediences and false beliefs of their agendas.  No wonder states distrust the poets in history.  Time in these senses of direction are the same at some place in the old and new physics age and now the age of biology in the mechanisms.  Let us praise those who from early one brought dedication to the sense of awe and creativity from their early childhood but let us also see them anew each time for that too is the progress and isolated spring of freedom that we who perhaps would live longer in our wisdom all want to share if not impose on the world and others.

When it gets going in the true sense of sharing the wider landscape of love and the world one can distinguish just where a love song reflects our fresh awakening mood beyond ourselves and to the true and unique subjects of our dreams-  quite beyond just the culture and genes really, our pretentions and eternal truths as scientists-poets.

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