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The Spook of Entanglement Becomes Aware

The Spook of Entanglement Becomes Aware

L. Edgar Otto    30 October, 2012

I imagine first the higher analog to what we have established in quantum mechanics as non-locality, the spooky action at a distance so Einstein described.

An ongoing problem seems to be how this second physics resolves itself to things on a more familiar classical level and that too would have an analog a step up.

If from the unified view of quasic as the third physics, and the intermediate generalizations I styled Phoenix Physics we may again look for a clearer unified or total theory on or beyond what I have evolved in my vision as the Omnium.

Yet in the familiar and practical world, the engineering and  evolving technology world, if such hidden things can be accessed, the geometrical analogy of that question of can we extract energy from the vague zero point, the possibilities would be a vastness wider than our values and abilities, or achievements and prospects in our day.

With this vision in the idea of doubts upon awakening or of warnings in our mechanism of dreams as nightmares wherein we weigh the future with the wisdom of our evolved past all not necessarily connected.

In theoretical enterprise and enquiry to the extent each of us undertakes the thinking on it nothing is clear as to the general need not to have more foundational bases even in the subjective world, we have to experience and recapitulate the sense of awe on any level and feel it with sensitivity, to look upon the bowl of stars in wonder as if it hints of we as a permanent state and what we have learned to see the finality of dreams.

In the doodles as if automatic so as to focus the directions as a casual habit the effort to pay attention and not be distracted to the point we wither with our sensitivity atrophied we have to exercise the intuitions and imagination- behold I have thought something interesting and should take the burden and effort to write it down. This too can be an awakening as well as self limitation.

Yet it was not being alarmist in this witching holiday that bid me take up the doubts and dreams of themes dystopia. Nor was it about theory but a crude beginning of speculation as to if possible what does this wider vision hold for new technology if real the free association and parallels at frontiers of our coincidental and synchronous sense of our state of industry in our age as we search or impose the question of patterns.

But the simple leading casual concept was how we might communicate in these higher reaches of super entanglement, what devices, experiments, might we build or realize at least the hidden effects from a better quantum vision?  My first conclusion when the billions of galaxies seem such a small number, I get the sense I am in simpler times, primitive times, seeing myself as but the hope of a more advanced primate being, was that the only instrument that seems to hint at achieving this is the brain, that which is still part of the mystery of life in its distinct organic processes.

In particular such a new power or control of nature and the nonnecessity of directing, even the futility on this level, of our on evolution, of ourselves and our world, of our minds, makes the current visions of reasonably expected ill consequences such as those from gene modification or tampering with our germ seem like issues of child's play for between minds these connections may be used to make new weapons as well their countering that all might be aware of the state of the utmost single one of us who would work against the whole a tragic dream.

To the sun what is the first atom bomb save to the power of conventional weapons but a stray spark, a fire cracker?  In beginnings are always a promise hard to keep and hold in the moving and trapped context of a civilization and those who would challenge the directions available evolve also to the higher state of generalization.  The benefits are there also and wider where together and individually our choices have unique importance, better aware than in risk of change where that is reasonably possible.

But the collective of consciousness is at most equal to the individual mind, if indeed in possible worlds we can make a fine distinction and balance things even at the frontiers of new levels of physicality.  In the hyper-printing and artificial replication, the voodoo and poison, cut, and burn out the disease but from the next hidden state at a distance in time and space we can by method if not in the vague area of thought and will so change the information within our being in the natural process laws or code, and meaning at a distance.

Who would not consult magic to save our children rather than appeal, surrender to promises told of those we must appease of the spirits, the storms and fire from the sky?
Our sense of the fall is that, to our limits of ability to bare them in the main, life and love is learned and takes our effort.

It is romantic to longing for voices, messages from the departed even when in the ambiguity we cannot always guarantee both the message and the messenger as authentic nor what is machine or mind.  For in our states of lesser and greater being we are aware, yet not aware.

* * * * * 

After awaken contemplation, and for the record this was not written based on any actual nightmare or forgotten ill dreaming, I remain optimistic for our sciences.  I add a bit of pleasure found in the drive to draw even in the art that is developing over the step removed digital medium form, that is I return again to my own fancy script, Santo Domingo, for it can be my designed alphabet while alphabets are of great instruction and concern these days--- what did I need them for but an enhancement of the pictures, and thus they can be a picture?  So I attach a brighter illustration casually made for the play and fun of it... and may do it better where the art drives the algorithm and not just the awkward other way around.

If we grow in a more wholesome way our past nightmares are laughable and lose their sting even if never forgotten.  I know one day the burned out and evil souls true to their ideal can be redeemed in the here and now.

* * * *
 I wish to add after coffee and a shower getting ready to go downtown for this posting a couple of more pragmatic ideas arose in me to consider in the investigation of possible links to the technology.

The first is the idea that in a higher dimension it is thought the energy of things would be on a more powerful level.  Let us question this idea or look more deeply into it.

The second is the idea, as if the 24 runes mapped to the faces of the cubes in a hypercube in terms of the rotations and chirality or the senses of reversal where the faces touch.  That can be seen as a neutral structural place but an idea to the extent the symmetry is hidden may indeed suggest behind the scenes charged Higgs exist.  In the unfolded representation where there is motion of the whole such that this contiguity or face matching neutrally is not passive casual that holds the structure by default at rest, this grounds the process of the object holding together with resistance as the process of change in part or in the totality of the moving object. 

Clearly, as this is a representation of an unfolded orthogon in the next lowest dimension those ideas that vaguely suggest such unfolding of space may exceed light speed in the general new state of process - well, at the grounding the wave front does that already, yes?  This vaguely strikes me as possible useful mechanisms to engage and certainly useful concepts to so understand these real or imagined processes

* * * *

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