Monday, October 29, 2012

Of Being and Phoenix Physics

Of Being and Phoenix Physics

L. Edgar Otto   Sunday, 28 October, 2012

The model of a phoenix universe as if a recurring yet non-necessity (by default arising from the ashes of possibility) oscillating model is worthy of our imagination.

But by Phoenix Physics I mean that in the generalization of the unity over the Omnium all such models recur also in the quasifinite existential moment of the grounding of Being as the universal potential for transcendence that firmament too the vital and creative frontiers as an open yet enduring question.  This applies to time as well as space.

What seems complimented quasifinitely can be false patterns with false perceptions, yet therein quasi-truth also.

An isolated individual, cosmically spanned in the depth of such uniqueness can as a Gabriel teleoscope evoke the source of light (and sound) an organism with the idea of hidden patterns such as the charkras.

Thus consciousness is at least defined as a greater generalization adding to models complexity for it lives in the phoenix physics ground as such physics with objective being so is such a physics in design itself with variations absolute or vibrational over ideas of neutrality and the oneness, unity.

* * * * * * *

So with all new and more comprehensive and concrete theories we as conscious entities can weigh the model as to its intrinsic beauty and ask is this the way things have to be in the great design of all such representations, God wrought, or the best of possible and non-necessary determined and free worlds.

At any time in the states of development or transformation we may find new room to expand in and even modify and yet as we grow beyond bounds old theories may seem to constraining, too trapped despite the dreaming soul of things as all there is or as without meaningful grounding as the norm, purpose only the random wake and clap as if on surface waves and the lineage, contractions, expansions of the souls reflected upon it, broken yet comings together again as if at bottom hallucinations of a higher viewer in order that the truth of our design can be seen, be made.

Consciousness then adding complexity, in the sense a true self, and original work (and as far as we can see in this design of the reality there can be truly new phenomena, things) we most ourselves in creativity... we also the many monkeys typing endlessly coming up with more than all things that in a lesser realm would give us Shakespeare so as to solve the time paradoxes of the Many-world Multiverse.

But this world, a gain for the moment the keep and castle far from the trade lanes and invaders as close we come to some truth or myth of our golden ages... time itself the interplay of one and zero as interpretation or as space the zero and infinity in the imaginary spheres, alas, also as infinity and one.  When the uniqueness, for what a given soul or state of times is worth, be it the new birth the stem  sheds its leaves to sprout new seeds and flowers, or to hold back against cold, dry and scarce times- a dream hibernation awake in the living world, in the stasis and the feedback, in the higher shelter to which the doomed insects enter against the winter where the leaves have fallen the totality puts new ones forth.

So the totality plays out as if an ultimate totality that contains all others, the many-worlds of many-worlds the stalk or tightrope and the canopy all branches growing and there the count the same to ask what then is the uniqueness of an individual.  Driven to create, compete not only for the physical or for the resources to direct the lesser, narrower paths of evolution but so far along what we call a universe each as if all possible ones we as if one being so to experience all things, we see that these fanciful but limited works of art along any pathway is a vanishing of uniqueness.

Yet, here we find again that nothing so vanishes, the least of art is not forgotten, the memory is already one with the general being, and the changes we experience in recollection.  But it is not pre-written, more like outside of Being, outside of the universe of space and time.  A life then is like a leaf in the wind or at the beginning of arising skyward against gravities in search of light from a central sun.  In this sense the properties of the physical and the subjective as creation is as evolving and already there in the look backward and ever downward into that simplicity that haunts us past and future we call the nothingness.

If this is true for dreams, can it not be true for our lives,  our sentience in the living moment, indifference even in the being, across the length and depth of multiverse of multiverses so filimbrated by our minds, that these are preserved and the now itself wide in space and time to which all the creative sources in the sources while irreversible are balanced in equations of the darkness that finds no now?

If you can see this be inspired to good cheer, your choices are important, your alliances in the circles in circles and the complexity and true diversity we find for death and healing has its pointless snakes and ladder wherein there is always more to change, all things even the past changeable, undone, save our own resistance to forgiveness, parallel our paths and souls so to resurrect within this one the same unique soul so cured... yet there are greater things and situations given the time, you time lords, and given the space, you space masters, to change the world, create it, save if it matters but for a narrow day another soul your paths making sacrifices in the climb with scarcity. 

That is driven and a true desire where it occurs for in one narrow note of the Gabriel horn life is a burden for the little losses that mean everything even if some things returned.  We are not always satisfied with substitutes but so far as we ask also of ourselves and God was this the best and possible of nonnessary design or in a sense before an even wider expanse these are  but our beginning dreams of what is to become of worlds and creative beings.  In this respect your truest and unique enduring self is yet a wider dream.

* * * * * * *

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