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Foundational Mechanics of Reading Gene Codes

Foundational Mechanics of Reading Gene Codes

L. Edgar Otto     October 01, 2012 

(and what turns out to be a rant as the students begin again this homecoming):

Why Veterans in Our Community should not Vote Democratic, in Particular for Congressman Kind

It is October 1st, and October 1st is too Late and Hoyle's science fiction goes some years ago in my youth in the Air Force stationed in England.  Should I look back with gentleness to the young man I was with ideals and purposes and the fire of hopes for discovery, the blind faith that I can make a contribution to the body of wisdom of this world or am I just a cog in a greater design of history  that time alone and the shear fact of survival in longevity beats down a generation that was and always be cannon fodder to which those with blind passion and caring for all peoples and especially for the promises of the sciences that in the end we all accept to know our place, to be a sacrifice to the power of a state, to be a node in the consumer world to which the benefits and costs are acceptable to the utility of the whole that in the end we guinea pigs consume ourselves and forget other ways to live, give in to the right of conquest, for a few babbles that seem the style desire that it the ground to stand on, the asset in which we strive to live?  The bastards know I will walk away from the conflict and not take up arms.  We are the walking dead from the battle but the insult is that we walk among a generation of zombies that the forces in this backward world has ever more eaten their brains- that is the sorrow and the cross that age, accused of being obsolete in the old beliefs and ways, bare and hide they know what is true speech silences, livelihood marginalized, thievery formalized, due process a sham between the carrot and stick forces of the party line, the austerity and the audacity. 

I am in favor of the arts and a center for them is a worthy project, one that is worth the cost even overrun- but I do not think it is in the interest of this community, if indeed there is more than superficial interest as if a fallen empire, a leaf in some autumn blown in the harsh wintering winds, that this university should be a part of it.  Based on its influence and its agenda and its attack on even the idea that individuals can make a difference, on the right to establish a family, on the freedom of religion, for the encouragement of the arts only if one is part of the control of the agenda so then the lip service to the university to which rarely anything outside it such as poetry exists in either history or in the world.  I write this rant for I find some despair today, the usual wondering why after dozens of times I am excluded from school and in effect my children and their generation short changed- indeed is it not enough to pack them in student housing like sardines and meningitis but they must reach out to the community to pack them in, debtors prisons really and papers that even lose value as paper.  But there is strength in the masses and devil take the hindmost- we do not matter it seems or divided we have not learned the house standing against itself must fall so many of us with false hopes and dreams, expectations, what is a handful that fall out in the sifting, wheat as well as shaft blown to the winds? 

If my world was not so challenged in an ongoing pain and injury of my naievity thinking the university was the seat of wisdom and salvation for those we care for would I have found another or a better way, would I still care or cling to the honesty and caring or would I reach a stature of the scarecrow chasing bad dreams away, those scavengers full of disease, those gleaners of the landfills taking their chances-  I would like to think so and am pretty sure that would be the case- save I give away to much and it is a sin apparently to which it is our fault we did not succeed and not the fault of the state, of the university, of the parasites that run it, that feed off the wounds of those they parade to the world a fake liberalism that is the source of violence.

But enough of this- call me feeling a little sorry for myself also- some Curie consumed by her passion, and in the end cannot afford the radium to study that was her discovery.  This is perhaps the ongoing pain somewhere between the risks of immature knowing as the world grows beyond the reach of the creative contributors and the further burden that so much has taken too long to come that could have made a difference.

* * * * * * *

So it is thatyesterday I saw an article that showed how the gene code is read two ways or one way depending on the mechanical presence of a loop.  This is a physical surprise and while I do not trust those who in looking back with theory even when no other theory is there for an explanation, well, clearly the mechanism has been my current and long time speculation (indeed reading both ways was what I called and thus predicted as "immutation").  So I point out that this amounts to an experimental verification of the foundational view that from my eyes so much is explained and so much more can be developed from there if we think to try it, if we do not have to fight the biases and ignorance that on the face of it seems deep wisdom and unbiased social and election reporting on the PBS news with the praise of the promises soon to come in the sciences- with the rights to some invention or discovery sold to the highest bidder before it can reach the people- guess there would be just more of them anyway...

Mr. Congressman I want my GI Bill, I want citizenship to mean something and obligations promised by the government to be a respected and trusted contract of payment for its debts-  I want my GI Bill - not that I desire more than other parts of our society that need things but not that my status as an honorable veteran served, one moreover with some idea of the truth of things in the intelligence community, that service should not have interfered with living my life with decisions and plans of my own including the basic needs of living and working.  I expect an apology at least for being treated as if I were a criminal turned from your office by the police so charged with trespassing if I insisted.  Nothing has changed since then save the persistent asking for small amounts of money and the din from both parties of such negative adverts it is hard to imagine this influences anyone who would seek the truth. But this is a sort of ethics is it not-  Spinoza, well, fear is the choice between the lesser of evils, anxiety is the absence of the father and hell the separation from the God at least- I am afraid of none of you.  What good is the university now to me, it cannot help my society or goals other than perhaps a social reward, a questionable status required for some things as part of the myth of the need for such education, but more than that what good is if what I want and need to learn just is not there?

* * * * * * 

Hey, Mr. Congressman, what time do the boys come home
from World War II or Korea and Vietnam?

I went to the county fair and knew my daddy wasn't there
now no one else can fill his shoes or shake me from these blues

A part of me lies behind the wall that I guess can never fall
Icy still that cold cold war moved on protesting peace's dawn

Our troops too far from home said of loss, Gulf war syndrome, bring me back in a body bag but let them see my flag

All you people of the book there's words of love if you but look so from our homelands banish war's foul pollution from our shores

* * * * *

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