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Theromnium (Thermodynamic Omni-Stereonometry)

Theromnium (Thermodynamic Omni-Stereonometry)

L. Edgar Otto     25 October, 2012

Standard mathematical physics and logical metaphysical metaphors aside, what do some mean in the theoretical world and science fiction world of zero point energy as a source or hint of a useful technology to come?

The universe as the Big Change can be described, but are the dynamics more than an assertion of directional movement and differences that make work from the vacuum possible.  Surely we can ask this beyond the ideas of how we define the term in the quantum state of particles sense.
So if at or beyond the wave-particle duality some idea of change over time, as quasifinite between the continuous and the discrete, we can imagine space itself and its structures as the expression concretely or the mechanisms to it of harnessing the source of such change.  In short the material reality and events beyond the metaphysics and physics as stereonometry.

Let us recall the intimacy of the transcendentals pi and e, the natural base of exponentiation where early on these both had the same spiral mirrored symbol.  Let us relate this moreover to our ideas of the geometries beyond Euclid of things like finite volumes or an infinite extent such as the pseudo-sphere (the imaginary counterpart of a sphere) that somewhere at or beyond infinity exotic paths of functions return when we consider half values and Riemann's zeta functions or other approximations of the log of primes.

In the view as Micro Change we have the idea of absolute zero, no grounding negative distance or time, absolute values expressed as halved or doubled and so on, in the real world as corpuscular a physical limit, an atomic position for that which can occupy such abstract spaces and physical laws.  As a theory of vibrations we imagine excluding the jumps of zero and negative axes a powerful but diffuse form of amplification is possible, a sense of spiraling momentum that is a property of this expression of condensing space.

It is not clear what is non-linear defined mathematically, or what is the nature of principles of uncertainty represent a wider concept or just that of which in theory we can pin down the mathematics at, near, or beyond singularity, at least as we debate them conceptually.  This allows some leeway as to what our general foundations are in regard to the idea of entropy.  Some unresolved or not resolvable problems such as protein con-formality may be quasi-NPHard and this in some cases as well as universally the case may define what we mean as non-linearity in a much wider mystery evoking sense.  Unified physics suggest at least an abstract unity of its methods and concepts as well as what we reasonably can imagine as a natural or artificial fabrication of the articles of manufacture or interpretations of coincidental patterns.

Research, experiment, testing of models and so on can be inefficient and not adaptable to verified ideas rapidly such that the natural design of the stereonometery so acting as expression and utility of sources retards science or becomes and brick wall as a bottle neck where mathematical algorithms are possible.  This is especially true in our methods and understanding of how viruses and the con-formality of proteins work at certain scales.

The focus on the technology as the central theme of my posting does concern and emphasize that of application to our biology and this structural inter dimensional space as a source energy.  I find then in the unity of geometry, of stereonometry as dynamic, a merging of electromagnetic phenomena and mechanics, electromechanics in the old dream of a unitary sense, both conjugate to unity of what we once distinguished as the electric and magnetic aspects of which at the remote exponential these meet again.

As if a purpose, life as defined or evolved in motion, life as at the borderline or distinguished in the property of viruses, the detail of organic structures and the ideas of adaptability as well as immunity much of the experiments and predictions of how it would test out in human blind studies could be accelerated if we had the ordinary knowledge of space as it is pretty much understood say in terms of string theory or the nature of equations of the 5th degree for clearly the viral structure, as the gateways into the capsids have such symmetry and the expression of stealth as a strategy is after all as simple as the local five fold Galois symmetry topologies.  The problem is to understand what is the receptor so cloaked.  This cannot be rapidly solved if we are applying the central dogma without further dogmas of depth.

It does not seem consistent to me that we clearly state that immunizations not having side effects is a myth and that at different states of an organism's development the dose is more virulent and protective or at least less lethal than the numbers of the disease.  While science may cling tightly to an objective evaluation of the data it can lose the bigger and the obvious picture... even with the bad science of the link to autism at the two year age one cannot show such a burden or change in the mechanisms of immunity without possible effect on the organism at some later time.

It seems a dogma at times with a vengeance and a state problem of costs of financing and methods of delivery and so on- all by legislation since the days of witch hunts colored by ideological issues.  I note the idea of herd immunity of which the usual 80% of those immunized protects the rest.  I note that it does not matter anymore what host born virus is eradicated as any virus can be engineered in the laboratories. 

I saw the advertizement for parents to get boosters against pertussus so they would not contaminate their children.  Next, as in the case of Prozac, we will be asked to immunize our dogs against it as they now share much of our same diseases such as the flu.  I cannot but suspect if we accept the idea of the herd and so cull it allowing an acceptable risk for a few strays and so enforce by law and not hard science- the result is a herd composed of socially engineered individuals surviving within it.

But for those of us who have children and our conscience has the respect and honesty and holds high the purpose of science the issue is a serious and present one.

Our technology has reached a stance where we feel reasonably sure of our good intentions and there has been some cases of general breakthroughs and progress but in such issues how can the shared wisdom as the right of all of us come to some dead end or viral loop of deception and take over of our germ and machinery of inheritance- how can that be patented, how can it be decided that we blindly engineer say the foodstuffs airy environmental concerns aside?

As life, at least as its theory from an informational view, seems to implement or retard the mechanisms of stereonomic theory, of core and universal geometries it is clear to me that we can have reasonably useful algorithms of the gene code expressions and these at the foundations do look beyond the initial surface of what we think independent on all levels of an organic molecule or of the zero description of space inside the atom as with any event horizon or black hole as if an empty nucleus without spontaneous creative principles of which all extreme theories break down as fanciful without the Big Change picture.

Coming back to the foundational physics of it all again, life grossly understood as anti-entropy in the early days of general systems theory, if not of an actual dynamic form, we may asked of the zero point like concept if there are some ways to tap the unique universe as a totality of its energy? For in terms of our understanding of dimensions where the organic structures and molecules play the changing cryptology of mutations we have reached the virtual gaming as a powerful and as if an x-ray of space tool at least for the surface of things- again, as in the programs of future three dimensional printing of what is possible and what is not in an item to be programmed the technology is delayed where proprietary rights are understood to be asserted.

To all this we also have the cross species while the immune gates are conserved in species in that game of NIM (that is Neutralized Immunogens) at the axes of five fold symmetry and imagined internal con-formality block presumably by the correct protomer, the size apparently important as what amino acid so in the hydrophobic cell gates, issues of the mitochondria inheritance in concert like that of the epi genome for a host of what we classify as disease that can ultimately tie in the programmed and reduced sequences to a wider genetics such as that of autism, asthma, diabetes, arthritis and so on all of which rarely break through even with the power of supercomputer modeling to games on but surfaces of clarity and effects side effects in concert of a wide number of different drugs.

Resolving n and n+1 mathematics of dimensional printing seems to me to operate over vast scales, in particular we are still in the stone age about unanswered questions of the how and why of the possibilities of 4D printing and the global mathematics, the real and artificial products of theory of which life itself seems to have worked out over long time-spans.  Of particular importance is the quasic grid physics as it roughly corresponds or resembles the idea in particle physics of generations, only on all sides of real and virtual mirrors, and this as finite is at bottom arithmetical.

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The illustrations I will explain: the one with Rockstar energy drink and the zero candy bar came quite coincidentally as a birthday gift from my son Atreyu but I was thinking along the lines of why in the first seven days of life immunizations are applied, maybe not in the CDC advisory of shot scheduling, and if this is a bad, good or neutral idea since some stay the burden of children under two might in some ways overstress the immune system.

It is a question also of why there is more asthma although it clearly related to pollutants to some degree. But in this post I did not address the various ideas where viruses and cancers may relate.  That certainly exists or we would benefit from seeing it in a wider physics or stereonometry.

For those of my friends interested in sacred geometry and their sense of the importance of some exotic effects and newly found hard science effects of water we should also consider this from a more objective and intellectual insight.

Now if a worm can eat a four dimensional apple reach the outside and eat as much again can it eat likewise the psuedosphere, at least as the slice or representation of things on the discs?  In the higher realm of things where bacteria can make themselves conducting wires as in the article on science daily today, as in the illustration I made of the natural gingko leaves against a quite forcing an abstract symmetrical set of pixels to a reasonable but artificial butterfly- on a chip of shale that was natural as if something in the spoken word of nature carved the paisley into a primitive ax of stone.

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