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Broken Mirror Momentum

Broken Mirror Momentum

L. Edgar Otto    04 November, 2012

There are things we can do with waves, such as electric motors and vacuum tubes, circuit design, optics, that to an earlier world view seems miraculous.  Let us not forget that the transmission of radio messages imagined from theory once had many asserting it as metaphysical nonsense.

Such is the following speculation where rapidly after long study at some frontier we reach a higher evolution of insight as well as technique  Such insight and acceptance of new ideas, proven over a dawning time or stuck over time, confirms our hopes and intuitions at the problem at hand.  Genius from what ever source seems to me to be, if it is anything, the ability to choose the better down to earth idea from obscure chaotic dreams and is measured by the speed at which yesterdays fanciful speculation is today's foregone conclusion.

The flangelation, or condensing focus to the simplicity of physical laws and the replete diversity of objects and space under those laws, laws designed or observed as natural or artificial in our mathematical approach, roughly the tolerances of set formulas applied to our devices with the range of what to an ever finer degree of accuracy pursued based on the general patterns of equations.  If we require verification by experiments physically we also should consider verification by the logic design of theory in its imagined implications, consequences.

I imagine on the deeper level, of the bilateral n-dimensional symmetry over the differentiation and integration of general topological space (the key concept I intuitively communicated to others in 1964 as significant and a key to higher physics- naively I thought having joined the service in war time I at least did not want the idea lost if I were.) that one such consequence, as profound in the simple equations as the inertial relation between mass and energy the magic of it terrifying and uplifting the idea of the power of humanity for a generation... and the slow realization that this comes with a bang of verification hard to dispute from insights deep into abstraction, is the idea that from space and the physical laws we can create matter, or rather focus things that we do so- not just move meaningless objects as if from room to room to change the state of the totality.

This too is an abstract principle of a higher order of insight to the point the subject so traditionally defined, such as mass, is really a new form of thing or to be seen in a new way.  While I am not brave or smart enough to accept it rapidly or decide clearly some reason to feel it a certain thing there are obvious thoughts that suggest it so in the background.

Just as we see with our mind's eye in a way that bids us ask what after all is distinctly intelligence that seems to reside on the clockwork then more abstract conservation laws, the artificial and natural differences imagined, that clearly there is some sort of connection expressed in reality and our experience that justifies our sense of self and autonomy, coherence of personal being or collective receptivity even in our genetic patterns with our seeming emerging consciousness and its cephalation structure or organ focus- the marvelous brain even if chemicals and wires and compressed routes of electricity that exceeds its capacity as a physical object - the brain waves guide things from a universe of discourse within action with distance as well the abstract mechanism of consensus of a local region as some recently realized, the right left brain view of this to be further considered as a four way deal but not rigidly causal,  the matter determines such subjective illusions or functions;

We toy with the electric and gravitational fields of to the extent we know them not so much to move them around in spirals and leaky tori of our colliders toward the velocity of light to crash them together like gross objects that break into pieces such that we can put the puzzle together, we imagine these as if tinkers with wires and batteries, look to the sky for the lightening to animate or feed our romantic souls that life itself is a core given center of physicality. If there are exotic connections between us subjectively it is the imagining of such devices or search for them that can at least lead us to more foundational physics principles.  Is this not more true of the idea of a search for a particle that supplies us with mass, the standard new sort of mass as if it the highest inertial system, metaphorically "The God Particle", the Higgs-like fields and objects?

Yet, as we so design our instruments to find them, to focus our range of technology touching and observing physical laws so verified, even with vague fears we make some form of dark object that can put a hole into our time and space or show at some other extreme or time these possible encountered objects are now but gnomes compared to the day when on mount Olympia they were gods, the gnomes themselves we used to as mere rocks and stones.  Nature herself makes the elements in some way in its blind eye of evolving, churns up things in states and different scales and power like the stars from the clouds.  Such physics is all around us half felt and seen, still and moving like the air we breathe.

In the wider sense and in our design of machines like the LHC we controlling from our small space, small laboratory compared to that of the cosmos, the Higgs is something we create by the context rather than discover.  Considering the mystery of our duality of matter and mind on this level of really dawning new physics views, such objects seen and touched to some degree on the frontier are on a level of debate on a higher order to which our mind's eyes in our time can feel intuitively a little confused.

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