Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Of Tides and Gears (Breaking Gravity)

Of  Tides and Gears (Breaking Gravity)

L. Edgar Otto   21 November 2012

I find it rather obvious that what is the physics of the small is also that on the large or any scale.  I do not have the terms at the moment for a further detailed demonstration and extension of the quasic theory from my terse notes of last night.  This morning I feel the best description after all is that a string like object inside an aura or field (much like knots of them and the space around them, space we might say the string generates as inertial properties including perhaps the dark matter ideas) is the genetic material metaphor with the surrounding cell plasm and wall of a bacterium.

The linking of these suggests that from a "mouth" through at least a four space apple if doubly eaten in three space by a worm is indeed a wormhole through it and the mouths if open or closed like a string can kiss somewhere on the surface of another apple or particle-universe.  In the quasic plane the symmetries on a certain level of binary magic square powers we find the broken symmetry or joining in the plane of dynamic intiator and terminator wormhole codons that amounts to a string (reductionist but dynamic along Pitkanen's vision) these correspond and sum to 89 over the Fibonacci sequence inverted and directed in the plane or brane asymmetrically that is of course if reduced to string theory alone (perhaps cosmic strings and ideas of superconductivity also fit in here in general breaking and scaling) we find the 11, 12, or 13  even the idea of the 26 dimensions of string theory... It is as if in the aura or field there is indeed a wormhole although this discrete and continuous quasifinite thing like gears inter-meshed to predict the rise and fall in a local region of the tide.  In DNA described as the plane the significant ration of the  64 codons is 5:8  with the initiator and terminator this sums to 13 .  The other bases for codons have similar ratios including the logic where there are no, one, or two pixels as in 1+1=2 or not the logic of say a superimposed 1.  The aura or quason field contain not a mechanical but a dynamic spacious string as we rove the shadow space.

I came across this further understanding do to quite a different project last night looking at the details of certain encoding.  But, I meant to take the holidays off awhile not that I can do much of anything.  I had a side thought that the white or pink noise in relation to enhancement or resistance or reduction of our comprehension of theory as the state of our minds develop or age over an individuals totality may trade off sensitivity in our perceptions- this may relate and is worth further research for the sake of our subjective in general and how I understand personal time in all its variation for me in particular.  We can to some degree sense things at a distance after all.  Our intuition is grounded in the improvisation of theory where time and we are one with creativity- yet the music should have feeling and meaning...

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