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Conterminous Neuro-nets

Conterminous Neuro-nets

L. Edgar Otto   08 November, 2012

(Note to self:  I am trying to recall a profound insight from those who consider neuro nets but hope to find it again in the literature or my notes... I feel it relevant in the background of my thoughts yet it is but a step to a wider view that would nevertheless ground the connectionist view in the field more concretely. In the mean time let us move on.  The science daily has an article suggesting the spontaneous organization of nerves that remarks it may have some bearing on the vague concept: long term memory, and as such is in the general models of learning.)

Just as the heart tissue can be thought to self organize in its differentiation and integration of biological processes, the neuro network analogously organizes with perhaps a wider view of how such things connect at the mathematical foundations in the structural unfolding of different levels or states of connecting and interconnecting.  In connectionism we imagine the hierarchy of nerves in the counting as a model suggesting holographic principles.

In particular we can imagine a succession of topological structures with some wider globalization of group properties of which the state is somewhat independent of the discrete material units that induce the products as expressed encoding.  The origin given such a wider span of action and choices, as well the conterminous boundary of a system as independent potentially and absolutely from other systems, and between the bifurcations of symmetries on all levels in the same system, is that which relates to the nature of singularities by the inclusion or inclusion of centers of reference or the non-necessary idea of the scalar multiplication by the quasi-random, zero or infinity, or the roots of real or complex numbers as identities, of unities. 

If we assume the general viewpoint of zero as an absolute scalar, in a sense Euclidean and balanced in values of equations despite ideas of hierarchy, holography, and scale, there is no reason to uphold only and existential organization unto the differentiation within extremes that excludes initial and final singularities where influential or in a higher degenerate generational system, a closed totality as well an unreachable zero grounding level.

In the perception, real or virtual and imagined, recalled as fact or revisions, in the mind's eye of pattern recognition and model making or the parallels of poetic metaphor or computational processes, it is not a necessary given that these models, as language exemplifies in its separate path developments and designation of brain functions across regions, that these be more than an initial state of organization that appears in the more general definition of dimensions as if a total description of a more general reality. 

Imposed theories imprecise in the grounding of truths and beliefs as a higher organic system encounters or imagines it perceives the world, such as political systems, are persistent of the scope of possibilities but inherently unstable and in the process of learning can intermittently consider mirrors as if the fabric of spacetime and matter itself- this group inter-relational mirror process is more than a permission to imagine mathematical and physical structures, it is the nature of quasifinite computation itself to which the wide scope it covers may not be the totality as an end point of explanation nor the key to what is felt as memory even if we let a machine or artificial process self design its working and higher structures.

Where the zeros, or with a certain depth or uncertainty, do apply to nodes of a neuronet or vacuum physicality structure this can be a random process as if at this foundational level we can apply the higher insights of statistics as well the machine theories or those of purpose or even those of no necessary absolute connection.  It is not so much the hierarchies and group unfolding of structures in themselves that delineate the boundaries of our self and consciousness, but the wider possibilities and limitations between such levels or hierarchies, at least.  Such intermittent zeroes on the quantum or surface black hole level certainly in the remote idea as if we imagine molecular vibrations as the carrier, particles as having caloric, relevant to the foundations of the measure of entropy for the abstract physical thermodynamic processes or concepts as discrete grounding encoding by pure space coordinately distinguished structure nodes.

From this slightly more generalized idea of dimensions such insights are foundational for physics but at a higher level of concepts to which our design of our environments, material and spiritual, may see deeper into the foundations as paradoxes are resolved dynamically within a history so recalled and established for a given state of a system that paradox itself is a tool of a working concept of non-necessity and lesser generalizations vanish in the looping of teleoscoping information to impotence of effects as if an absolute isolation. 

In a sense not all of a system can be encoded in a uniform color space as one picture of possible pixel stored hierarchical information- nor in a sense, that old distinction of the continuous and the continual, can an arbitrary pattern imagined or real be traced beyond the reality or boundary of completeness as more than an arbitrary uniqueness in some conterminous historical sense- but just as synchronicity and coincidence can be imagined open questions in terms of quasic similarity and hidden supersymmetry considerations this paradoxically remains a question open or closed where there are nodes that respond in real or imagined networks to which the higher brain functions and civil discourse above the animal instinctual level are a ladder of dramatic powers of climax thus anticlimax, thus we may speak of hyleons as a general name for Higgs like particles or concepts like the creative Ylem...

That is a more general idea of  what is also spontaneous as potential being or new creation-annihilation metaphors shallow and deep in the quantum theory. It follows that matrix methods do not always give us the totality of solutions as one method, Heisenberg like, that shows where we lack possibilities even if it describes the focused world of the physical.  These too subject to similar questions of generalization as the physics reach new states of method and insight and definitions, logical symbols and mathematics- which by non-necessity can seem an end to generalization if we in principle can find a way to know if this is possible or that it remains an open question- the mind's eye and development is generalization and learning creatively itself in cycles of awakening as if the organization wave like and mysterious of rests between the heartbeats, or of synchronization of diffuse and diverse cell tissues.

I vaguely recall that it is not always the material established as a pattern but the culling of the material for the sake of the neutral logic of strategy and tactics hidden or overt in patterns of self referential learning and mirroring.  That is we differentiate the brain to issues of right or not or left for the stage of a state of pattern may physically divide as in the case where half the nerves themselves vanish at some point in childhood development, surely a topological thing globally, just as in the conterminous united states historically a number over 32 tends to become a dominating unified system or breaks into civil war...

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