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Conterminous Structural Art

Conterminous Structural Art

L. Edgar Otto    09 November, 2012

Beyond the sculpture, the compression of pyramids, and the tension of cathedral flying buttresses, above three stories begins the structural art, skyscrapers beyond the high rise...

So it is in this abstraction, in the shadows, in our limited boundary virtual and real, the vacuum contains not only the light but the climax and the anticlimax of color.

Love then with its auras and colors can seek beyond our dreams provided we do not get lost in the descent or fall in our chasing infinity, to awaken going back to the fight only to fall again with hopes we survive reaching rock bottom. If we can so survive we become more than we are now in the flesh, adapt, explore new worlds, grow new structures of our brains, contain the frontiers of our new dreams, then share them.

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Orchid House and the House of Two

What then is beyond our current place in stereonometry, our state with the spirit of a place or time we can recall, be reminded of the small woods near Felix's house, a natural bower and room where we awaken in the moment as if this intimate with our self-realization, the conterminous grounding of consciousness?  Or in a sense as if familiar we can see clearly an old era or state of our being, our way of life, our living perception and judgement in retrospect of those who we once loved and were loved, that part of our diffuse reality enduring while we view, over time integrating that is or seems beyond the movement that highlights life and death, desires to keep the room as a perfection that cannot inevitably decay, its dream in recollection not requiring work against the shadows left of light or the drain of water to some primitive level of oceans at which many worship the waves, thus the tides that return. 

Yet in the reality, the Omnium and its changes, flows and interconnections, its suspension of disbelief in physical laws and deeper look under the hood of the rusting engine of our mathematics that we abandon in the field, it starved of its food of energy, its brittle breaking assaulted by the winds and rain as well the small nesting and eating creatures that convert it back to the diffuse veins of metals in the earth; we awaken as much with ongoing surprise as well as wonder what we are, why we are, what it seems after the tide of the day with it intricate gears that we barely notice or inundated the bay before our eyes as we sense delays watching the icing melt down the cheesecake of the moon.
Surprise too is the state and rising house in birth of consciousness in laws distant so doubtful if these are phantoms that we cannot stand on in the shifting sand or the ancient rocks of solid granite ground.

In facticity we cannot help but be free, yet it seems we also must choose more or less one of many paths, one that stands out creatively among all paths we wish to integrate and acknowledge its part of the virtual loops and influence.  We as the light and matter can imagine the whole reversed in time and space and yet the roles of the creative actuality and the diffuse facticity are reversed to favor weights in what is the approximation of all levels of the universe as one.  The shadows, as measure are the greater part of this unity of mass and light that unfolds and enfolds into the state of the world conterminous in our day.  Yet of the house of two, the repeats and viriality and haunting similarities to which all things in the world has seen before we find in the flesh and blood the dust that starts the cycles in the flow, the sand in the gears, that new life does not depend on life left behind but on the choices held a the front and ground that the germ persists yet the clockwork can be rewound, renewed, and stated again.

Of synchronicity and coincidence much can be said and if we look a little deeper it is improbable statistics will stand up the way we do it as if an exacting math or science.  But this is merely to say we have wider spans of this question of randomness that is so close to defining warmth, growth and decay, and the blemishes on the perfect sun, the failed stars and the failed planets that came from the same place at their cores.  Conterminous statistics then are a little different than the Quasic ones, and the earlier ones where matter itself seems divided or our thermodynamic questions and fears of distant doom begin as the violet world unwinds and nothing thought to hold it together, its rebirth if it is meaningful to imagine is lost, vanished, pointless in the main.

How clever to imagine in imaginary time an infinity past and present while our space is the finite realm as if the hollow in the forest is the reality and the wall of pine the dream.  Yet we imagine at some creative frontier while our laws are still absolute and determined the half abstractions of space and time can reverse their roles- more so of what I speak as we clime the climaxing ladder to the shrill whispers of the worlds unknown.  It is not clear that each event in this world, even the quantum world, is so independent that its materialization in any direction is equally likely.  In daily life despite the pitfalls of myths and gamble we know we can risk the wage for the ever present but unlikely high pay off that someone beyond the margins must win if they are in the game.  The betting raised greater than the loss must break down- on that we conclude over an uncertain whole that the bank must always win.

So it may not be in a lottery that the randomly chosen numbers are the ones that are most likely to win.  If in the quantum world no ticket is chosen before it is scratched off and no independent value is preferred beyond some summation that by unknown reasons work cause as if a history at the frontier of facts, then in the quasic world higher mysteries also act outside our conterminous awareness.  Coincidence is suggestive that it is rare yet of all possible messages or symbols so chosen there are many more that could have been, once removed our calculation of chance falls deep into divination.  But we can so arrange from behind the scene the games of this world as if wishes do originate the paths patterns of things likely go... wishes more on the order of our quantum idea of a relation to our consciousness.

But as the world moves on it is more rare that such a change can realign the errors accumulating to so command and contain them- or over a span of time in the low but loud sounds to which we have adapted to in our bodies and perceptions- what is the remote but an ever increasing din of dissonance, a climb up the ladder where to feel at home in such sounds risking a greater fall our learning curve does become solid enough we may claim a mastery and expertise.

The wild card (*) is greater than zero but the chances of random games over a quasic field is more probable of independent elements or sets if we acknowledge the artifact of simple laws, clear arithmetical and not necessarily causative links unto movement, that we add in some way half again, to some corner of the quadrants and symmetric mirrors the perfect system filled partially and randomly that this the pattern asymmetric the most likely drawn to win- not the scattering nor the lack of ever reaching clear equality between and distance between different similar objects as if crystalline as increased order.

Thus we have on one hand the wild card as a house of two as a power of the continuity and on that I make the distinction of what would be contiguity between the continuous and the discrete (inductively in a sense as unity) and what of no necessary connections even intermittently or continually as conterminous statistics- that in effect of the Omnium as a unified theory of reality for our day.  In both cases of statistics the issue in the nature of proximity, and the nature of non-locality or condensing of vectors as if two flames put together does not make the fire twice as hot.

Pitkanen sees well this idea of physics conceptually beyond the house of two in that he takes the Mersenne numbers to which deep into the mass or high into gravity ladders we define absolute states, resonances of sorts along the way.  89 is the grounding for that is the slowest irrational series expressed as divisions of fractions of one when we inverse the Fibonacci series into decimals.  In the sense in Tarski's paradox we imagine wide duplication of volumes we rather should have some preferred and dynamic paths, a resolving paradox of creative singularity over the omnium of quasifinite conterminous regions.  For this is the issue of the abstraction of proximity virtual or actual at the frontier of bounded existential-universal spacing.  As to volumes it seems clear the power of two is a continuum while the Alephs are not yet clearly proven or disproved so, I suspect because we cannot prove half wrong theories of primes or ideas we define as dimensions.

In some ways the ladder can be imagined to change as if on a higher exponential formulation- thus the trivial case does work if we make assumptions like say electric charges for a brane scenario or any such object- note the question of "lightness" or heaviness of hidden symmetric Higgs like particles (see Lubos today) in this more general physics is a moot one requiring more logical and philosophical analysis along the lines of this post.  Up to a point the idea of change, that to but a view and not a central necessary concept, that is the transcendental e that works to a point should stand in a range of topology and physics that questions if it can be its own differential in all cases over a conterminous range.  In hidden unities and symmetries there is more to it than that.  In a sense the golden ratio as a beginning of abstract regions and ideas is intimately related to the natural log base... then again, the idea of the Omnium is a small generalization further than the Ramanujan level of cosmic generalization in the omnic conterminous quasic quasifinite universe.  While we can imagine a fractal like tree of multiple endless rebirth of a series of big bang like states- this is not necessarily the physical case when considered globally.

Let us as an example then in the mirror of our beliefs not question the philosophy as if god particles or other down to earth creative and physical phenomena are the ghost of departed gods any more than the ghosts of departed quantities or what relation to a totality we so pronounce the physics of things- for just as on the quantum level we may expect a place of mystery to which we presently or forever may not see or touch, there can be higher levels of such mystery beyond our known frontiers even at the new or neoteric physics level.

Yet the origin of this post is the steps along the way of the conterminous regions that have been the eras of my life to which we all should be so lucky as to have a concrete relation to them in our memories.  Time does not confuse me, just the higher nature of its mystery as well the existential fact while alive we sense being- sense it even after the nerves have ceased to transmit information of motion.

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