Friday, November 16, 2012

Great Grand Unification

Great Grand Unification

L. Edgar Otto   16 November, 2012

I am surprised really that in the physics game when meeting the results of experiment some of the internet comments and bloggers despair they have or have not found signs of new physics.  Some have suggested starting new careers like in neurology.  I have seen such a change of careers when for example the bootstrap hypothesis was not verified (the professor in question went on to research chaos science).  But the methods and reasoning to my eyes for these abstract and rarefied mathematical methods already applies to and goes beyond disciplines like neuroscience. Is the risk and act of such scientific exploration not the ideal for a game that is justified and hopeful for the truth of things in itself?

Speculations in the physics, and the philosophic shift and enrichment of our technical terms, transcending and comparing diverse disciplines in better definition and depth, if it is a game like checkers in which we confine ourselves to a set of strict rules is a game we win or break even.  But in the mirror we face the potential, the compliments of what exists as a game where we consider the learning and if this is not the case Nature herself, physics, can imagine these fears suppressed or hidden to non-existence and thus what is left may vanish with the relief or the pointless exchange of things when conserved (in principle) and the unification win or break even too much but a boring idea of the real as mechanism.

The awakening since Gauss of the idea of higher dimensions, Euclidean or relativistic, has raised in itself the question if even a higher space of a mere four dimensions exist.  If in our three (plus one) familiar space we have the need for a grand unification so more so in the musings of Conway on groups on the symmetries in four space in the coining of the term for the star solids, five fold as was investigated by Kepler intuitively or the many modern scientists drawn to the idea of quasi-crystal tilings as if something in individual minds follows similar paths as if in a hidden collective consciousness solving things to some conclusion, the poetic term on the next conceptual level becomes Conway's great grand hyper-solids.

* * *

*1 In super-color force as inverse square matrix integer distance counting (interpreted over shifts in the quasic plane as the next standard great grand unification) color partitions are generalized several ways where coherent intelligible mixing applies in the virtual count contained within the quasic brane boundary sum to a square as if analogs to "gluons" and that cancelled within the quasic brane span not distinguished as gluons (1 + 8 = 9 ).

*2 While a particular super-color pixel may exist unto crystalline patterns over the brane, cancelled or these initiator pixels exchanged or divided, the similarity or identity (as the issues of quasication philosophically) needs not be color distinguishable. Yet between such neutrals in depth and span new neutrals in groupings and function may exist.

These wavy necked string or wormhole like creative entities (in and odd loop of terminology inspired by and self-referential by a poetic flash of literature of my own as was the coining of quarks from the novel) I style these "herons" and these can be understood as glue or sticky confining particle-fields in the general sense of "mediators".

If we could see directly the results of such a space and process of super-color combinatorial symmetry on that level and so do direct experiments, we would debate in the search for evidence in our theories hinted at with hopes of some measure of scale so to reach it, to the limit and where mathematical induction holds, perhaps limited to remote totalities, that a "neoteric" or "new physics" exists for the more general idea of super duper symmetry!

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