Thursday, November 15, 2012

Of the God Field, Particle, and Mechanism

Of the God Field, Particle, and Mechanism

L. Edgar Otto   14 November, 2012

At the frontier of creative science and philosophy, metaphysics if you will by ubiquitous over space time and matter under the concept of the Omnium, the sum total and miscellaneous collection we call reality, so far... We reach into the beyond that seen or known as if we add dimensions of thought of philosophic systems more than those of our familiar mechanism, chance, and teleology.  Should we call it intelligence? Perhaps spirit? or even a more general idea of the unity in the quaternity of physics as if a Godhead?

Superfication (a coined technical word clear in the context of our current debate and experiments of something abstract or substantive looked for) ends and begins in the face of a Quason that we vaguely designate the Higgs.  For if the extended and spacious volume of three space itself in its mass dimension (mD) can be reasoned out as empty illusion so can the Higgs and it seem boringly to exist in the sense it is all there is while everything not it is excluded by default.  Its grounding reality included is standard for all other particles. 

This concept also is the foundation, the firmament of the Omnium as quason structure a non-necessary reality of mass dimension or dark matter (Dm).

A distant non-existent or vanishing God can be said to ground space time so too is the source of vibration and disorder via that induced as uncertainty over the philosophic stances. In depth we find the argument or apology an unresolvable paradox should we try by one philosophic stance to ground things on chance and vibration or on any known thought system directly so prove or suggest the non existence of such a Creator being of which we may wish to share that and the aspect of sentience.  Nor the eternal in a perfect physical mechanism, yet the grounding on lesser parts and scales for what when the equations balance or persist is the hidden teleology defying our contradictions evoked as cause and time.

The appeal to metaphysics, or to the reality of a physics does not need to be only questions of the remote ends or origins over vague fine scales, ascending or descending issues of the microcosm, or of the cosmic totalities imagined.
Yet a God or intelligence, conscious at a distance may exist as if a mediator from outside or beyond or between the idea of "gravity" and "matter" as a structural source over the Omnium.  Gravitons for example as a concept may be this mediator that responds to the total physical thus solid state of a particle so confined and held together or reduced to mechanism mediated by the Higgs like creative objects.

Yet beyond this we could work out the idea of the Omnion and still not dismiss that some still higher mediator would not exist as different from it in the generalization, the Sourceon?
Still, the intelligibility of the world in its subsets at least seems to tend toward being conserved as well as intimate with the potential even from total sparse vacuum states to come into existence or break down as if spontaneous symmetry grounding and breaking.

The new physics may not vanish in concepts if its grounding is shown to do so for any virtual or inertial breath of being and measure.  If the actual God did not exist we would not necessarily have to invent Him- not at least to challenge the religious and ideological cults in our civilization in the shaky appeal to a physics basis or metaphysical bias that is unnatural.

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Footnote: Is this the autumn fall of the standard theory or things beyond it?  In the second illustration for those theoreticians who have cabin fever as if a long winter consider the snowflake and its symmetries that we related to - it can be a cold structured thing or evokes in us a greater magic.  If we look for them to hold them in our hand as I did a child the outside is cold and no sooner they land that they melt before we can get a good look at them.  Here in the wine glass with the artistic renditions ten fold so things reverse in the distant other side there is the question of angles and so on... But as a space let us see it as the Casmir effect that connects to cosmic considerations and define what we are seeing a little better.

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