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Symmetry Splicing Fault Theory

Symmetry Splicing Fault Theory

L. Edgar Otto     Thursday, 22 November, 2012

We can imagine a quasic pixel, a tile of dihedra in the brane with all the dimensions of direction that we can resolve or represent as the perpendicularity of axes both real and complex.

While we may consider the boundaries of a dihedral region as places of touch or contiguity between them these can be more dynamic as if they slide against each other or within those bundled together sharing fault lines internally such as the tiling of a 6x6 set by dominoes in which at least one fault is shown to exist, and between them a logical and causal evolution of ordering as the contiguity is between the continuous and the consecutive description a measure of the entropy state of these quasi-independent bundles.

A given dihedron may be of several types and variations of these stereonomic spaces or quasi-orientation of mirrors in the orientation of general axes and dimensions that can be formally treated as if Moebius, Cylindrical, Toroidal, Spherical and so on or even flip into various species where Nature does not prefer one geometry over the other nor one side of a mirror over the other, allowing in the fixed nonnecessary development of states all possible geometries.

The distinction as we generate the classification of topological entities as to one or more sides so as to form a division of branches so described if founded on necessity and from that the algebra of complex numbers as the distributive law makes a distinction Nature at the foundations and between the causal or casual paradoxes of unified world view to multiply the complex and the real separately as a sum works but assumes all in a quasi-absolute manner involves a zero and positive values, an axis and a half perpendicular axis.  In the matter of heat transfer as well the resulting global quasi-entropy of such a view guaranteed if this a dogma of strict necessity the same paradox applies when we consider the totalities, especially as statistics works over independent regions of indefinite extent.

To describe the physics of heat brings in further complication as we generalize from the discrete to the continuous under the umbrella of trignometric identities for foundational space does not need to be so dimensioned..  Thus, as in the Euclidean case at the ground of a physical system as with Riemann to zero as the limit the Pythagorean theorem and its proofs treat the inertial non-ncessity of vectors as fictitious and real forces of necessity unto the infinitesimal. 

The decay nodes of say the satellites as in Kepler as discrete parts of the circle unto eight dimensions up to its 240 subdivisions can be reasoned to be on some level of division a quadra-hedron or double dihedron as a wider unit cell of quasic abstract tiling that for what is reduced to physical law from the viewpoint of a unified physics of totality the independent regions can be beyond or hidden as higher symmetries in the complexity.  Consider the possibility or impossibility so asserted by otherwise accurate algebra texts as to if there are solutions to the fourth root of minus one.

Recall that a dihedron has two sides and zero volume, the spacious infinity of dimensions within it as a map or scaleless terse notation of the entire quasic plane that we can imagine the two sides unfolded as if a spinning sphere with all the effects of limits of finite constant speed passing by one pole and the rotation seen as if of the opposite pole.

Thus in a 6 x 6 center of the quasic plane up to 64 tiles, the Otto-Conway matrix concept of the thirty cube of six color puzzle-  here the arithmetic of the part we teach kids as the minimum to do addition mentally can have the same count or group ideas that the general abstract space of geometrical regions so act as operators, that is stereonometry and arithmetic share the same grounding.  If we disregard the complex and real parts as distinction and half or double the values at least the raw integer count or the quasi-absolute value squared is the same for both views toward a matrix and mirrors which in a sense generalizes this reductionism gained beginning with the Pythagorean theorem.  The algebra corresponds also in the idea that all are solvable to some power if we allow complex numbers in the solutions.  Not all that is complicated needs to be seen as a vague sea of unmanageable non-linearity.

To unfold or double a dihedron is to turn it into a domino and to imagine it in 3-space to retain its two space properties as if inherited from the brane as a flatland locally.  But we can extend the idea of such fault axes into the higher dimensions and the level of number generalization of the reals to which quasi-contiguity may apply beginning with the Fibonacci and golden irrational ratios as fault shift limits of connectivity unto the half totality or the one and a half non-necessary value of multiple connected regions containing that quasi-singularity or not.

Such considerations makes it clear that the description of fractional charge along these faults and mirrors is foundational to the stereonometry as well as capable of diverse or paradoxical description of what is the count at some unity. We also can describe such notation as that which may allow articulation of rigid and oriented objects of which life itself is sometimes defined as motion or animation as its distinct main or first attribute.  At an apparently isolates dihedron pixel we understand that both sides with no volume may be present as if to suggest the rather abstract idea of quantum superposition of which this is a more general case as quasi or non-necessary total or paradoxical merging as if one pixel unit.

While this fault presence as necessity extends to  2 and (I think) one other number, it can be generalized abstractly as if more existed among all the numbers but where these early values apply it certainly extends the influence of these first values such that the count is intelligible over all fault sliding quasi breaking symmetries.  Thus in the simple arrangement of sets of possible four tetrominoes in real space to the 32 cube cells the solutions are complete or where say we represent this in the pentominoes we have units of 60 that fill these shapes rather than say 64.  In any case this is another direction to explore for a terse formula in higher space for the 240 arrangements of the Soma Cube. 

From space alone, from stereonometry and the game of Highrise intuitively, we discover the count is intelligible and uniquely logical. Even if the idea of a prime in encoding is not a reliable key to insure hidden but reachable messages between entities for the primes do show up in the totalities if counting itself is on some level unique.

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Footnote for post of yesterday:  Choose the Finnish sign on the penni (interwoven or not) as the symbol for the aura of quasic space upon the chirality in the process (that is two independent chain links if extended) signs that form the string like core symmetry within it when the space with the empty pixels are quadrahedrons.

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The holidays and doing many things, communication, travels, frenzy of the traditions, I think distraction is a continuous spectrum to some threshold individually in all of us... this recent observation of behavior (as with police and their computers in the patrol cars or theories of what people do with ADHD as not diagnosed under that of anxiety).  I mean I must have left my flash drive in the public computer a the library and I religiously check it twice since I last left it when the fire alarm went off so I have to wait until tomorrow to see if it is still there.   It is not only our own emotions or lacks that get in the way of clear thinking but those also of others with to whom we have bonded or not. It was never my intention to do one of a kind Post Modern art short of small variations of human improvisation on the run but something more permanent that transcends both modern and post modern eras.

I grow weary of the struggles not to lose the bulk of my work and may have to accept it as ephemeral as is apparently our lifetime.  But if I retreat from the web so to speak it is for that reason and not because some cleaver professional thinks it a sign one does not fit into sensible norms and its is a portal to greater freedom not the usually breakdown between systems of thinking. If the systems does not work ethically and fairly let it fall, it seems to periodically do so anyway.

Well, although rationality is not a guarantee we know what we are doing I was also distracted by the alarm that no password is secure anymore and I was typing also my 24 or more ones very easy to remember from my higher view as within themselves and not held up by images.  Yet it is not clear to me this makes a difference in decoding any more than how certain it is the reading of the gene code somehow has a basis as to why nature in a sense is dynamic in its balances and gestalts also asymmetrical.

Let the snake-bit lioness, cross eyed and wounded, hiding in the woods to heal alone, mourning her stolen children, not be thought of as leaving your pride of concerns with disdain for you, but in the retreat and disengagement from your world strive to find the way that all may walk freely and safe in the light of the creative and nurturing sun- even you who do not know what you believe or think about our kind and yourselves.

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