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R^n and Differential Discriminant Non-necessity

R^n and Differential Discriminant Non-necessity
L. Edgar Otto     07 November, 2012

As we do not foundationally regard zero as even, we should not consider it a scalar in all senses of its relation to physicality.  In the consistency if solutions to linear systems of unknowns zero is interchangeable with multiplication by infinity.

A discriminant is the arrangement that resembles quasic order and by induction does relate the main diagonal to the top triangle of matrix entries informationally and structurally involving virial division.  But this is not all the structural information which gives the other, perpendicular diagonal, equal weight such that the abstract ideas of more general vectors reduced to continuous dimensions by differentiation that to say zero is part of a basis is not necessarily to assert it as a center of the induction of quasifinite algorithms.

Such an abacus reliance on incomplete algorithms presents us with problems involving scale and singularity if we try to apply these partial principles to a theory of the totality.

One application of this slightly more generalization or definition of dimension in abstract vector spaces (and I do not know by what methods some determine the limitations of the nucleon number) is the count of what is physically possible in the structure of a nucleus.  This applies also to the superimposition or irrational absolute measures of distance by which we have complicated geometric entities of their subcells such that the difference in their duality as a total alternative space is balanced in the counting, symmetrically.  Such a view supports the use of the ten faced deltahedron in gross DNA structure as well the problems of mirroring half of the 120 elements around silver as a center of the observable stability of atoms so that the structure of the four space 600 and 120-cells implied by superimposiiton of 5-cells is realized on the molecular level in biology.

Where there is consideration of the sign, as in the four and five dimensional space +++- or +++-- we break the next level of five or eight nucleons as a limitation (in an irrational more than a finite counting as symmetry breaking) into +++++--- by geometric analogy.

A fractional dimensional pathway that covers every point in a flat space will not necessarily fill an Euclidean dimension. It can for example fill it twice or more beyond the usual ideas of complex numbers, induction of volumes, and the open or closed intial and final points externally and internally that divide the pathway.

The simple act of addition as applied to computation and as its foundational method, the shifting (as in Universal Turing Machines) or the intrinsic linear motion at the change of all coordinate vectors in quasic motion- that patterns exist naturally in numbers of the number 24 (as well the obvious 5 and 10 fold consideration over the quasic plane) the plus one shift to 25 does affirm that number extended Fermat style from a square to it then a cube as structurally important for elementary proof of the conception.

In the representational dimensions, bypassing the use of Markov chains and incidence matrices but not the idea of the proximity of quasifinite objects as describing entropy, we can have intelligible exclusion of levels of general forms of motion that creates distinct patterns between natural dimensions involved but hidden or potential in physical effects. (See Odo64 chess game).

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Footnote:  I may not be here as much for posting as I am working on the Odo-nD game (apparently Perl will be the preferred over language which of course is on the high school level as a teaching of such logic.)  Some days I feel very much overwhelmed by the having to learn so many different language systems and doubt there is time, thus feel mortal and rather embarrassed at my own lack of intellect in different times looking back-  save perhaps where some key idea led to many other things, even lucky choices made in childhood such as the permutations designing alphabets. 

Yet as if any of us matter, or if the value of education and research is more a political point than something like true cures, a well the truth and freedom of enquiry open up to the people with reasonable caution and common sense and evaluation of the level of learning,  same old problems and promises this election year, hard not to rant on cynically, that I have demonstrated an isolated individual can not only reinvent the wheel and develop things from philosophy but can strive to reinvent independently our understanding and place in the universe.

It is said the elderly lose touch with their generation, not perhaps because it goes forward but just changes.  Still, if there is history as a coherent reality evolving, I feel outside of my time, that is the world around me is so primitive to my vision- then again this somewhat true of us all, and in that future place we would be average, I doubt obsolete as the general mindless use of power would have us individually and collectively believe.

We have failed somewhat to live up to the promises and expectations some of us have as children although never giving up the work and dream on principle, never the sacrifice of honesty even in self deception.  Not that I do not expect accidents, we surprised at the weather left to the metaphor of "an act of God".  Forgive me future generations if you see this, I did not hear or know better and was too trusting the heart of my fellow humans, we imperfect, and that no excuse- all can be corrected no matter how far some of those I met have fallen.

Time, some have us believe it settles on us like fate and destiny, free forms taking root from the sea, and it weighs on us until we cannot move far or rise, that the sand runs out and social programs that contain us past our prime and vitality is not much more than a glance or token holding hands that in scarcity while the living these in our little lonely cubical's are served by those who just make us comfortable until the end and tinker with our dreams, charge some with the irresistible drugs and dreams and not the final prize that will come sooner or later- you in hope are legend and each generation the last tragic one- including the last of all if brave do not accept the light dying nor think we wasted it in the truths of this world. quote Dylan and Milton from their poems, about light, yet that is not the idea, and hardly original, I wanted to end this piece with a thought that escaped me briefly, tired following the elections all night.  So I make these points as best I can... time, it does not seem true in the overall balance that it goes faster beyond a certain point... the cliche metaphor of the sand in the hourglass, well it is also an endless beach...what does that say to anyone who would dare to reckon the sand?  I mean, yes the early events, subjectively are closer from a certain view and while I have long mourned but not forgotten many souls I've encountered from time to time... even those still around, I miss them and yet am with them as if even those not around- yet as I see the icons of the silver screen vanish beyond the pain the art does live on, visual characters with an after life of their own... and well, what a waste of some I have known, how they truly vanished... and yes, I could have stood up more against the mindless uncaring machines and evil ones in this world...some of them whom I just did not feel their point of departure as with some others dear- in our wishful dreams perhaps, for crimes intentional and grown burning ants with great lens or pulling the wings off flies, my first thought is that there are simmering very well in hell- and what is left in this world of which I cannot command it all in change, is now a freer and happier place.  

Time is not of the essence to so measure, to confine you, to do penance, to know only life as pain not felt as birds born and lived in a cage, nor is love so worth less the blossoms singing, her smile and eyes, I knowing the heart, that it would not be fair to her to taste even a patch of blemished yet soul pure skin.  Another world perhaps where our suffering here saved the innoscent there amplified our casual whispers. No, I will not let her fall in love with me again- for which of us after all in the healing leans on a shadow?

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 ON the TGD post today:  Matti, consider the three planes in a little wider generalization than the usual way these are interpreted by the standard linear algebra...    The PeSla

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