Monday, November 5, 2012

Some Principles of Quasication

Some Principles of Quasication

L. Edgar Otto   05 November, 2012

*1  In an n-dimensional continuous virtually solid space
heat is transferred by the multiplication-replication to sub-quasic quasi-finite regions on the average as similar.

*2  Depending on the group properties of substructures in the division of such a space and the non-necessary reception of heat by a particular region the totality of the heat is conserved, thus focused or dispersed in the hidden mirror symmetry space so as to locally define a difference in coherence or the general boundary where it becomes or disappears from relevance.

*3  Traditional methods, less foundational, such as the role of exponentiation and complex number spaces are not sufficient to describe physics in contexts that do not define or generalize the idea of interactive groups or dimensions.

*4  The creative processes of mirror entities at the ground state of no necessary duplication or extension of that as a lesser principle related to the idea of vacuum interchange of tension and compression may spontaneously reach thresholds over time that organizes material structures from the work available in the state of the thermodynamics.

*5  While quantum theory excludes the existence of longitudinal wave phenomena in nature in terms of the heat symmetry in the mirror spaces what is transverse and what is longitudinal in reality and concept can be interchanged and persist indefinitely or intermittently in a quasic finite manner.

*6  In the non-necessary, relaxed, virtual space and its hidden processes nothing forbids at a foundational level that universally any number of such spaces may be present so as to interact or not in nature where the general state of concrete physicality where natrue perceives expresses or interprets the superpositions.

*7  Wave harmonics expressed as a vector or number that focuses linearly as if a zero width string or brane in terms of a pattern of decimals, a pattern may repeat anywhere in the quasifinite sequence or series of numbers and beyond a certain complexity of generalization may or may not be predictable or random despite historical influences. So too, we imagine transcendental patterns as directed to a general pattern that is a combination of non-necessary quasic spaces as  if the intersection of circles or n-sphere of quasifinite width.

* * * * * * * 

Footnote: The next post will concern a game, Odo-nD, in which we program some of these principles in a visual format so as to make clear as an educational tool the varieties of physics in the standard and other views of the universe and particles as well some of the more obscure generalizations of time and space... one thing for sure even in the complimentary of bits in the coordinates of quasic space the nature of number as if fixed can be a four way symmetry deal and beyond.  I note in my delayed series of posts here many of my bloggers I follow take up some of these concerns such as the nature of collasping in the quantum theory as a subjective thing or not yet not from the viewpoint of the mystical.  Oddly enough we can also imagine the game interactive between people with teleoscoping principles of information that describes or reports what we now observe in biology as if between viruses, the four way left and right brain concepts may be appealed to in the new physics for example as game states.  In the simple game we also may elaborate the combinatorial with sub-symmetries such that we establish a wider calculus of how games such as Tetris resolve as in the relation to gravity or entropy. Last, we convert it all into color codes, discrete and continuous, so to resolve some of the quasic issues as long winded stated in the above principles (to which it seems in my own take on the language, Peslaese which has proven a good and indispensable stepping stone that can only be a slippery path a we try to impose or encounter what some think of as their unique and fundamental new idea.

Sociologically, and politically I find even the great PBS shows like Nova biased and lacking a certain level of depth of understanding by those who show the contents.  Some poets for example that exist in the academic setting should not do so really if we compare to many other poets as some in revisionism see them as forerunners to their agenda.  This is not a great time for free and objective scientific enquiry for I begin to doubt that is where our best, and lonesome dialog and research goes...  My habits of poetry and the designation of coherent meaning despite sub-parallels of symmetry that extend the universe of discourse awkwardly shows in the end in creative wisdom and in the truth we even if we matter and can make a difference, work alone.  This world is our immersion into a greater game of which all lesser games amount to simulation for between the watching our dream and being in our dream there is a wide atmosphere of being...

But in the new age of the abacus the authors of these touch and see games should not imagine or make fun what goes on in the wasting of time and of mind for those who struggle with the machine logic playing solitaire.

* * * *

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