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Gateway Pattern to the Unified Field Theories

Gateway Pattern to the Unified Field Theories

L. Edgar Otto     Wednesday, 28 November, 2012

I did not post the article of yesterday with some analysis and speculation on what we know from that of how we engage the lottery, the Power Ball, from the mathematical recreational view.   My hesitation proves to be the uncertainty perhaps necessary at some point before a much clearer realization and analysis of frontier work such as that of any creative discovery or awakening after a necessary contribution of the negative moment much as Pitkanen in the quote reports.

In fact I almost saw a very negative view of things with no redemption of that which is established as the positive when the rejection of all inputs, an existential nihilism is seen from a wider philosophic view.  My notes for that post do not quite capture the unusual feeling of which it is as distant and beyond meaning as my mundane but unusual dreams of late. 

There is some sort of deeper level of our dreaming and the question of meanings therein or not. To this also I am concerned with the science or art of stealth as a good or evil in the real and virtual use of the internet as to privacy verses security each if seen as absolute if we follow the logic to the utmost consequences and reflections.

This morning, after some very casual jottings of diagrams and fanciful arithmetic of sometimes most trivial patterns just the doing and without purpose or direction of the search, as with Pitkanens soul and theory searching quote I awaken with a clear and profound concept that while always before us is made explicit that shows at the frontiers we are indeed seeking the principles along the lines of unitary field theories but more generalized especially how we treat the grounding of numbers, continuous and finite, concrete and imaginary, generalized beyond our familiar concepts of space, time, and other physics dimensions.

* * * * *

Does our being in the world suggest we as at least living individuals have certain expectations and rights?  I mean if we work for some entity who claims the right of ownership by their investment from accumulating capital , the toll bridges and gated property that by virtual it is there excludes the access to and through it by the ballooning population of the masses, do these soul in a sense have a claim on the distribution of that primordial wealth by virtual of their free participation.  This is a political issue that seems only solvable by ultimately our compass of laws and war and has no intrinsic relation to ultimate design reality including this is the way things in history recur change or remain the same.

But what then is the nature of wealth or treasure? For if it is virtual the value contained, as with intellectual "property" is as certain or concrete that has little relevance to the indifference possible in universe or the ultimate question at the nothingness of some sort of vacua we cannot determine what creatively exists or not or that it exists even when we behold the mechanism beneath the default.  At the absolute while we exist and have value in a sense we do not, although we have to probe deeper than the illusion to understand this, for we and the universe if everything is nothing and if unity it persist in some patterns paradoxically that may or may not find over limitless time a unique resolution.  We certainly find ourselves staring from the frontier of theory out to that beyond the objective and subjective and these hinted at as both primitive in concept. 

It seems that the fact of knowing someone in proximity real or virtual is the assumption of some rights to acknowledgement and access- as well in the public sector such as in the sharing of books and the ideas in them one feels a certain sense of  possession or ownership of them by virtual of discovery first or independently.  A rare copy as if a sacred text can sometimes be protected and excluded from the ownership by the other, the masses.  But in such sociological and political issues it is not clear that there is an intelligible and necessary ground for anything we may exist within or expect from our designs participation absolutely from such totalities.  In a sense to learn something is to create it with all the paradoxes and limitations of any system of what is the creative on all scales of this sensed or familiar phenomenon.

* * * * * *

At the dawn of my idea of a four dimensional chess game in 1964 the inverse square law, inverted in a sense, was part of the origin of the vision.  But this process of mirror inversion and "quasication" while related to inversions of virality, of two or one half as the case may be, the inversions geometrically go beyond the dihedron idea of a unit pixel at an origin or beginning of a sequence or halfway through the endless sequence over something squared, is more than just in inverse squared, it is trivially inverses of all the integers as the example of quantum and the area illuminated so many units for a source of light as integers, as a sort of finite contribution to the ensemble of entities.

But in such a light pyramid (for calculation of the finite and quasifinite) from an origin of emitted rays of light the geometry does hold at ground to the even and oddness of numbers and dimensions (but here compressed dihedronally) as to what is dual or zero at some point in a center.  Consequently, at any such point of zero to the next step in a square array we have a pyramid from zero to the entire multidimensional but flat brane of the quasic plane,

From this the quantum logic seems to follow as a part of the picture of the general case between the integral planes and considered linearly as a ray from such an origin.  But also a sort of quasic logic falls out from dihedron central point to the next integral unit in the next brane wherein if we imagine the brane to be separated or filled with concrete natural dimensions and so become them at that level between two parallel (as if distant in a non-local manner such as observed between some particles) branes with regard to axes we can have the pressure between branes in this abstraction of space as zero area or volume in the various combinatorial forms of the abstract quasized axes.
We have the grounding for the debate as to the 3+1 or 2+2 phenomenology of quantum methods for example or have the sequences of the subshells of electron configuration in atoms of which the exceptions relate to thermodynamics in the hierarchy of the magic numbers over odd and evenness.
This principle also is directly related to Casmir effects but in a more generalized manner.

These same sort of counting principles are realized in Pitkanen's insight into numbers operating in his equations such as the squares or triangles of p-adic Mersenne primes.  This method is not obvious or its so to the point it seems trivial even as a continuous group application but not as much so as my making the fine distinction obvious and trivial of say the difference between n x (n+1), for example n^1(n^3) and so arranging the patterns over the resulting representation of unit or summed powers.  It is remarkable these lead to multiples of 5 between all such dimensional representations and powers not just the next step of dividing into five orthogons into lower space dimensions. 

But this 5 count may have the usual restrictions we encounter with low dimensions and number sequences as in the case of binary dissection of polygons.  Yet in the intelligible counting in the addition or breaking down into unit or unified numbers of a quasi-tablecloth fractal of all combinations of the pattern count the partitions of the whole representing the number of that power is a gestalt of the same number as the partition sets.  In six divisions we go from six sets of 6^3 to triangles of 1's three layers down and ultimately to 1296 as one unit three steps up, 6 or 6+1 steps.

We note the observed expansion of the light pyramid does not directly proceed as the inverse of Fibonacci numbers (yet I mention for Pitkanen as I can imagine and include the tachyon-like dimensions beyond the merely time like at the foundations that within an array of 80 first integers we do find the prime 89 standing out as an actual and not just an ideal prime.  This should be kept in mind in general when we apply number theory as a check on theories, but this in particular lead to a neat idea as to my newly found cubical of not on the street or couch surfing imposed lifestyle in a world where the universities, the job market, the ideologues both on the right and left impede rather than really offer sane help to our situations.  Would they just leave us alone we would be ahead. 

This was the pleasant awakening to the idea of arranging the furniture starting at the floor as I have so accumulated these months  haphazardly for useful levels of living and work that we design it, according our own stature, based on variations of the golden ratio.  This would strike me as quite a pleasant environment.

Lastly, and I may include relevant illustrations later thinking them easier to decode and visualize the concepts, that in the generation of the patterns on planes and differences of levels of these quasi-centered planes I used to analyze the patterns in the Power Ball lottery game that the recondite 4n+1 of Fermat and so on, the assertion of +1 in general to some detail of measure by Eddington, applies to the general point to a general brane of some relative boundary measure, orthogonal or not.

* * * * *

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